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Ronald Krauss on Red Meat & Dairy Sat'd Fat

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    Originally posted by Moochy View Post
    I have my main meal at night, 5/6 PM and a light meal around 1PM. I often eat only the main meal without the light meal. I rotate beef, chicken and fish at the main meal and maybe we have an egg based meal instead of meat . So, even though I love beef, I don't eat it every day.
    If I eat too much beef I start to feel a little off, IDK how to describe it but heavy maybe? I start craving chicken and fish. And if I don't eat any beef for a while, i start craving beef. So I kind of go with a mix anyway.

    I definately think fish is important but am bad about getting it. When you're land locked, your options are limited (unless you want catfish!) and your prices are high.