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Bacteria and Parasites...

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  • Bacteria and Parasites...

    Here's an article about research regarding the link between bacteria, gut health, and cancer:

    Inflammation, Bacteria, and Cancer

    This one is far more interesting to me:
    Parasite drives people to suicide?
    The military is facing an increasing suicide problem, and from what I can tell, low O3 levels are often linked to suicides and depression. Now there's a parasite that can also contribute. These are easy things to fix! Some fish oil and enough quality food (things like ginger, garlic, and horseradish/wasabi all seem to help eliminate parasites) could probably significantly reduce suicides...

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    I was just listening to Chris Kresser and he had some info on a podcast about parasites and how drug therapy worked much better for him than the herbal remedies he had been trying.


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      Has someone heard about Zappers?
      It is a little device that works with batteries. You put it on your skin and it is said to send a little electric current through your body on a certain frequency and is supposed to kill parasites in your body. People report to feel much better and healed from several conditions.

      The results seem to be a lot like eating paleo/primal. More energy, no more depression, no more digestive problems, and a lot more.

      Could it be that all those chronic diseases are caused by parasites? Could it be that by eating primal we remove some nutrients for the parasites to live, they die and so we are cured from the problems? Or maybe they like to live in inflammatory parts of our body and they can't live without it?
      The Zappers will kill the parasites but you have to re-zap often to kill the new ones. But eating paleo/primal, I guess it maintains an environmental where those parasites cannot live.

      I bought a little zapper, the cheapest one, said to work on some people so I will try it. I should receive it in a few days. Since I've gone paleo, all my chronic diseases remained the same. Nothing has changed. Maybe this will do a change or allow my guts to heal faster?