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    I actually raised the question on these boards (on the Odds and Ends Board) of what prescription drugs might the murderer have been taking.

    Here's one apparantly: Vicodin.

    This seems less a matter of his taking it than of his deliberately "dosing up" on it:

    Vicodin side-effects can include euphoria, paranoia and, in rare cases, hallucinations. It will be interesting to see if the media will continue to ask questions regarding Holmes’ possible prescription drug abuse, especially given the fact that he was a medical student specializing in neuroscience.
    Colorado Mass-Murder Linked to Prescription Drug Use | Health Impact News

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    That article seems to imply that those acts of violence were intimately tied to the use of the prescription drugs themselves--perhaps that if you took Vicodin/Effexor/Trazodone/nameyourpoison out of the picture, those tragedies never would have happened--and I'd like to offer up my opinion, as this is a subject near and dear to my heart:


    I was on several anti-depressant medications for a seven year period in my teenage years and early adulthood, and when I started eating this way I felt well enough to stop taking Effexor. I did that because generally I felt stable enough to perform day-to-day functions without constantly going crazy. Am I any less likely today to fly off the hinge and commit some horrific atrocity toward someone I love or a crowd of unwitting strangers than I was a year ago? Absolutely not.

    If you don't fix the problem, you don't fix the problem. Anti-depressants and anti-psychotics don't fix the problem, and sometimes they make it worse (I'm looking at you, lithium), which is why they're so commonly associated with things like this. Whether I snapped and killed my wife tonight or five years ago is irrelevant in the eyes of a reporter looking at a medical history; all they would see is the drugs. The only thing that matters (or that should matter) is that I've had a bug inside me since I was a teenager that I've been unable to control, and that alone is the cause of my violent behavior. Not the drugs. Same thing with every nutbag out there with blood on their hands. And who's ever a nutbag all of the time? I'm certainly not, but I can't tell you how much I'd love to commit myself on some of my bad days. Sound crazy? Maybe. But I've never killed anyone, so imagine the kind of tortured soul it takes to commit a massacre like that. Forget the Vicodin.

    Geez, I hope I didn't make myself sound too crazy there. 100th post hiatus!


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      Originally posted by Sihana
      I found, through previous experiences in my line of work, that many planning to commit something very damning to the soul, take prescription drugs to help them keep focus at their task at hand. It acts as a buffer to keep them from flinching and helps them reassure themselves that what they are doing is right. On the other hand, most usually take much harder drugs. Oxy was the preload drug of choice in many cases I worked on.
      That's interesting. It does sound like it was a quite deliberate tactic in this case.