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    Hi. I don't suffer from reflux, just candida. I didn't cut out my grass fed, organic butter, just all other dairy.


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      Candida albicans naturally grows in the body and usually only causes issues if your immune system is compromised or if it gets under your skin (called "outgrowth", or, if it's in the mouth, "thrush.")

      If you have an outgrowth of candida, a 10-14 of antifungal treatments are generally more reliable than oregano oil.

      The idea that candida overgrowths can be responsible for chronic conditions has not been supported by research to date. At the present time, it appears that problem candida infections only present as an acute condition.

      The best way to prevent candida outgrowths is to simply do your best to prevent your immune system from becoming compromised. Good food, sunlight, exercise--you know. Being primal!


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        StoneAgeQueen: Oops! My mistake. Thanks for clarifying. ;^)


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          Hey! I have lots of experience with candida protocols (with doing one myself and with helping my customers).

          I used oregano oil back in the day (the drops- yes, they DO induce the gag/choke reflex!!)along with 2 mos. of strict eating, probiotics and supps for leaky gut.

          Now there are faster, easier ways, thank goodness! Here is a simple (and fast-acting) candida protocol:

          Candex for 1-2 weeks.

          Candex is a systemic enzyme taken on an EMPTY stomach. It breaks down the cell wall of the yeast and kills it quickly without the usual die-off symptoms that antifungal herbs and meds induce.

          Reuteri-strain probiotics for at least 6 weeks.

          I like Nature's Way Reuteri Pearls. Reuteri repopulates the gut to keep the yeast from coming back. It also repairs the damage ("leaky gut syndrome") caused by the yeast rhizomes puncturing the lining.

          L-glutamine- 2000 mg. 3x/day for addional gut lining repair. Take for at least 6 weeks.

          Something to boost the immune system like Saventaro brand cat's claw or a quality brand of astragalus.

 has all of these at awesome prices:-)

          Diet wise- PB is great, only minimize/eliminate fruit during the 1-2 weeks on Candex and also eliminate vinegar and mushrooms (just in case of sensitivites) during that period.