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Danish Prehistoric Bog Sacrifice of 200 Victims

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  • Danish Prehistoric Bog Sacrifice of 200 Victims

    Shan't go there on holiday!

    Archaeologists and other experts from Skanderborg Museum, Moesgård Museum and Aarhus University hope to uncover the anwers to these questions this summer, when a major excavation takes place near Alken, a small town outside Skanderborg on the Jutland peninsula. A unique find was made here in 2009: the remains of an entire army which had been sacrificed in the bog. Archaeologists hope that the excavation will solve the many mysteries about the circumstances behind the sacrifice of several hundred warriors. ...
    An entire army sacrificed in a bog

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    Took a class on this! You should look into all the sites where people were buried alive in GB. A lot of them are in bogs, which means they have an eerie level of preservation.


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      G.B.? Great Britain?

      Are you thinking of the body found in Lindow Marsh in Cheshire?