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  • Ketosis Meter Being Developed

    I recall someone here mentioning that the programmer Steve Gibson -- the guy who wrote the Spinrite utility -- had gone low-carb.

    Anyway, I took a look at his site, and he now says on his newsgroups that he's working on hardware/software to make a "ketosis breathalyzer".

    The ketostik, of course, show how much acetoacetate is in urine, but that disappears from urine over a few weeks as the muscles get used to taking it up and using it for fuel. So Gibson has decided to look for acetone instead.

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    i don't get why anyone who's not battling seizures is so fixated on the number of ketones in their blood stream.


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      Originally posted by jakey View Post
      i don't get why anyone who's not battling seizures is so fixated on the number of ketones in their blood stream.
      If you had taken the time to actually visit the man's site to inform yourself before commenting -- pigs might fly -- you would have observed that he has over thirty different newsgroups for the different areas he's interested in. So he can hardly be described as being "fixated" on health, let alone one aspect of it.

      As for why he wants the meter, you'll have to listen to his podcasts on the matter, if you're curious as to his motives.


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        bite me.


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          Haven't you heard? Ketosis is the new black.
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            That is interesting link, thanks. Will be interested to see how he goes.


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              If you're trying to loose weight quickly Ketosis is the way to go. Mark's book mentions a few times that dropping below 50 grams of carbs for a few weeks will put you in ketosis and allow you to burn fat quickly. This way people will know not only when they're in ketosis, but by how much, allowing them to optimize the amount of carbs they consume. If it was under $75 I would buy one.
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