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Corelation between magnesium and obesity/weight loss

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    This has got me interested. Not for the weight loss, been losing plenty there, but for the Insulin resistence. Magnessium could be the missing piece for me. I have been Primal for almost a year, and have seen no affect on my Type II diabetes. I have glanced at other posts on Magnessium, not really paying much attention to them, but I recall there being more than I type? Could be wrong. So what type of Magnessium should I be taking?

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      the advice I took away after reading many many Mg threads on here, particularly from the knowledgeable Cillakat (sadly, not around much anymore) is to pick a form that ends in "ate". Mine contains mainly Mg orotate and Mg aspartate


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        I think the type of magnesium is going to be fairly individual. I know everyone raved about chelated magnesium glycinate, but it didn't work anywhere near as well for me as crappy old magnesium oxide from the drugstore. Other people have problems with that type.

        I do know that magnesium is lacking for most people, and that it does help the body and brain function better.

        In my case though, I'm not taking it for insulin resistance, I'm taking it for migraines. I don't know if that makes a difference.


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          Dontcha just love articles like that?

          Anyway, if you want food sources for magnesium instead of taking a pill, this is a pretty good source: WHFoods: magnesium

          There is an extensive list of food sources for magnesium about two-thirds of the way down the page.
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            I am currently taking Magnesium and it is helping in my weight loss. I am already on a diet and it seems to help a little bit. I had been losing weight before without it... then I started taking it and noticed things speed up. So I can see that people that are not dieting or not trying might not notice anything. I am taking a liquid that alleges it is ionic and more easily absorbed.

            It has also given me more energy and nips those headaches in the bud. It seems to work best during PMS. Keeping me from being super tired, no cravings, and it seems to stop the bloat.

            I think your results will depend on what kind of magnesium you take and if you are already dieting. For me it seems to add like .5 lbs to my weight loss each week. But I can imagine that if I wasn't dieting it wouldn't do anything but keep me stable.