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    Cui Bono is Latin for "who benefits" and to me basically means “follow the money” or power as the case may be.

    So when you look at a situation, you think about whom benefits from what happened? Example: someone just took out a large life insurance policy naming a relative as sole beneficiary. The owner of the life insurance policy dies under suspicious circumstances. Cui bono? Who benefits from this death? The obvious answer is the relative named as the sole beneficiary. Determining who benefits from an act does not prove guilt but it gives you a direction to look towards for your answers.

    Now let’s take the current situation in the USA with obesity and other diet/lifestyle related problems. Cui bono? Who benefits? Obviously the fat people with health problems are not benefiting from being fat and having health problems. And often they are following the advice of the US government in what to eat and then puzzled on why they are fat and sick.

    The relatives of these people are also not benefiting and often are suffering due to the cost of care, having a non-productive member in the family, etc.

    So who does benefit?

    Here are a few of my suspects

    The government: huge budgets for departments that depend on keeping sick for their existence. Much like the military needs and enemy to justify their existence and budgets, departments like the FDA, USDA, etc. need a problem(s) to justify their existence. The military has their “terrorist”, the FDA has saturated fats (and other non-threats) that they are combating for the “good of the people” who’s tax dollars they are sucking up.

    The medical industry: ever expanding hospitals, clinics and medical practices cannot exist without oceans of sick people to keep them open and funded. If you cure all the sick people, you lose money. Simple. If the sick people die off, no problem, there are generations of more sick people coming to see you are sick from following the advice of the government, medical industry and pharmaceutical companies.

    Pharmaceutical industry: pretty much self-explanatory and the same motives as the medical industry. Don’t cure anything, offer expensive “band-aids” that mask or lessen signs and symptoms of an illness. Come up with more drugs that do nothing more than treat the side effects of the other drugs.

    Food industry: Cheap, chemically laden foods that are sold to the masses. The cheaper the better. Cheap can be had by using all manners of chemicals, from antibiotics to food coloring to HFCS to drive down the production cost, increase the yield and addict the masses to your product. The drug cartels would be proud. Quantity over quality. And one of the best things is that they three suspects above are all helping your marketing by telling the masses to eat your chemically laden garbage.

    And there are other minor suspects that I could list but the 4 above are the major ones.

    But what if these 4 suspects were in cahoots with each other? Any of them by themselves would be bad enough but all 4? The perfect storm for keeping the population sick, under control and spending money or working to pay taxes to keep your agencies funded.

    From this article: New Evidence Against These Cancer-Causing Foods – and the Massive Cover-Up Effort by Joseph Mercola

    Making matters even more complicated, not to mention more dire in terms of human health, Monsanto is also deeply entrenched with the pharmaceutical industry. Few people ever make the connection between genetically engineered crops and the sale of drugs, but there are strong financial ties between these two industries.
    Now in this article Dr. Mercola is mainly talking about the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and Monsanto and GMO foods which is the focus of the article.

    But given the evidence that we have all seen, I have no choice but to believe that this is a massive conspiracy to keep us fat, sick and under control. And I say under control because a sick and fat population is easier controlled than a healthy, robust one.

    If not a conspiracy, it is a coincidence on an epic scale that the odds of happening range somewhere between winning the power ball lottery every day for a month and having a honest person in US Congress.

    Cui bono
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    The Federal Reserve and the Wars on Cholesterol and Health Freedom