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The Evenk of Siberia

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  • The Evenk of Siberia

    Here's old footage of Ray Mears with the Evenk (previously known as Tungus) of Siberia.

    They, like the Inuit formerly, live almost entirely on meat, fat and lean. Given the climate, that's a necessity; as Mears points out, there's lichen, but you would have to eat 13 pounds of edible lichen to take in sufficient calories for a day's energy expenditure.

    Siberia Ray Mears S1E3 part 1 - YouTube

    Siberia Ray Mears S1E3 part 2 - YouTube

    Siberia Ray Mears S1E3 part 3 - YouTube

    Mears tries a sample of reindeer milk and, at 17% fat, declares that it tastes rich and would be good in coffee.

    Ray himself has expressed interest in Paleo at times, although whether he consistently eats that way I don't know. Evidently he wasn't eating anything approaching to low-carb in those days: he's looking distinctly porky.
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