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    Just read in Eat Fat, Lose Fat that monosaturated fat is often stored as body fat. Very interesting. I've eaten both butter and olive oil for years but only in the last year radically increased butter over olive oil with good results.

    Eat Fat, Lose Fat: The Healthy Alternative to Trans Fats - Mary G. Enig, Sally Fallon - Google Books

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    Monounsaturated fats are very good for you and your heart especially. They are found in:
    Olive oil/olives
    Almond butter
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      They should not be emphasized but eaten in moderation.


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        Originally posted by fiercehunter View Post
        Just read in Eat Fat, Lose Fat that monosaturated fat is often stored as body fat.
        I recall that -- I used to have a copy of that book. IIRC, they're a little tentative with suggesting that. I don't know whether that's been suggested elsewhere or any evidence or explanation offered.

        Those two ladies suggest here that the percentage of saturated fat should be about 50% of total fat intake:

        Proven Health Benefits of Saturated Fats

        There's an interesting video put out by Dr. Eenfeldt ins which he interviews Steve Phinney. Among lots of interesting things, Phinney says that the Eskimo preferred caribou fat, when they had it, over seal fat, and suggests that this is because the former is higher in saturates. Supplies allowing, they'd eat the caribou fat and use the seal oil for lamp fuel. Phinney also says his own body can make very efficient use of saturates for fuel, but adds this efficiency occurs because he stays in ketosis. There may be lots of variables I guess.

        Low Carb Living - YouTube


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          Sounds like rubbish. MCT's can be more efficient fuel source though. And it is possible saturated fats could leave you more satiated.


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            I think Avocados are high in MCT too.... I love my avocados !!


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              Olive oil is not that good for you, accept it. Use it in MODERATION, not as a staple.


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                But his message is to avoid olive oil and rather to eat more wholegrains, legumes, fruit-and-vegetables, and less saturated fat, using meat and fish "as a condiment".

                I can't think Sally and Mary would be on board with that. In fact, I know they're not:

                The Mediterranean Diet: Pasta or Pastrami? - Weston A Price Foundation

                I agree he's got a nice and rather humorous manner, but I take his "I stay up all night reading this stuff so I can tell you what to do" line with a healthy dose of skepticism. Apart from anything else, he cited Ancel Keys' 7 Countries study with a straight face.


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                  Anti monounsaturated fat. How anti-CW of you fiercehunter.
                  There's a tonne of research about monounsaturate and olive oils benefits, especially certain polyphenols, antioxidants and oleic acids. A video from some low-fat vegan is hardly a convincing source.

                  You're this forums worst offender when it comes to constantly reading some obscure sources about something you want to believe and then spreading it as some kind of gospel, sometimes even blatantly ignoring mountains of contrary evidence planted in front of your face.
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