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Vitamin D Deficiency & Sleep

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  • Vitamin D Deficiency & Sleep

    A very interesting read, even if some of her evolutionary biology is faulty:

    Vitamin D Hormone
    Ancestral Nutrition Coaching
    Pregnancy Nutrition Coaching
    Primal Pregnancy Nutrition Article

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    Low D goofs up sleep. Most of the neu*ro*log*i*cal prob*lems my patients have are not directly related to D hor*mone, they are related to the fact that D hor*mone defi*ciency causes sleep dis*or*ders; insom*nia, sleep apnea, REM related apnea, unex*plained awak*en*ings to light sleep, inap*pro*pri*ate body move*ments dur*ing sleep. All of these dis*or*ders keep us from heal*ing our bod*ies dur*ing sleep. When the sleep improves the headaches, seizures, foot burn*ing, tremor, body pain, walk*ing dif*fi*cul*ties, depres*sion, mem*ory loss, etc. all get better.
    Hmm... I've been out of D a while... and I don't go out in the sun because I'm already fair/very prone to burning and on a medication that causes additional photo-sensitivity. And, yes... my sleep is GANKED!!!
    It's somewhere between insomnia and sleep forever. Basically I stay up half the night because I CAN'T sleep (even if I only had 4-6 hours of sleep), then I sleep during the day for about 4-6 hours usually, then after a few days of that I have a really bad insomnia night followed by a 12-16 hour sleep binge. Bleh!
    Also, the times I do sleep... it's restless and it doesn't feel like it was good sleep.I wake easily and toss about. Bad sleep sucks.

    I had already ordered some liquid D drops before even reading this as I was hoping that getting my D levels up would make it possible for me to be outside a little without feeling like I'm going to burn. They should be here this week... getting some good sleep out of that little bottle would be nice too.
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    And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.