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Are we natural vegetarians?

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  • Are we natural vegetarians?


    Kathy Freston: Shattering The Meat Myth: Humans Are Natural Vegetarians

    Would be interested in feedback.

    Edit - this is an OLD article but someone just posted it on FB were I saw it.
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    Sure, what can be more natural than eating vegetarian diet... and helping oneself to a handful of supplements daily. Stuff that can be picked off the land easily includes grubs, worms, snails, insects, shellfish, bones left behind with marrow etc, things that were easy to pick and that supplied protein. The steady hypothesis is that what actually led to the humans deviating from great apes is protein and fat eating that provide the surplus to grow brain. Makes sense. Chimpanses stuck mostly with veggie diet, they are only 2% different from us in genetic make up, and they didn't get the boost to the brain size the way the human branch of chimps did.
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      Wow same article in two days.
      Even if she is correct that eating meat if fairly new (she is not) why do all her recipes include grains which we know are fairly new.
      We are omnivores her article is poor science only there to sell her book.
      Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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        She opens up with Dr. Campbell and cites the China Study, which has been debunked long ago. Next.
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          Kathy Freston is a wrinkled soon to dried up media whore, Oprah's bitch.


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            It seems like the word "omnivore" escapes people these days. Although, I guess there's no possibility for sensationalism with omnivorism.
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              Thanks for the comments, I never heard of her before.