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    I really love the topic of birth as well...
    I do think nutrition has a part to does physical activity...
    BUT -- so does fear.
    Women have been taught to fear birth in our culture. Fear causes the flight/fight response in which all the blood rushes to our legs and arms and head so that we can fight if we need to or run away if we have to. This also causes the uterus to loose blood to other parts of the body, which causes it to not work as well as it should.

    And, if we fear pain and want that epidural, that intervention has it's own issues that contribute to longer labor. Also, women these days most often give birth laying down on their backs. Bad move. Women who birthed in the wild most often birthed upright with the help of other people or squatting herself...working WITH gravity, not against it.


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      Presumably, birth was not always easy even for women from fairly traditional societies.