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    In the UK, they've decided it would be a good idea to give overweight expectant mothers metformin:

    A new study is to be carried out into the use of the diabetes drug metformin for reducing the weight of babies . The three-year study will monitor hundreds of pregnant women around the UK to assess if the drug can lower obesity rates and the amount of difficult births.

    Rather than trying to help the expectant mother lose weight, the drug would help keep the weight of the unborn baby down by reducing the levels of blood sugar passed to babies in the womb, an approach that is already being used to treat expectant mothers with diabetes . ...
    Metformin trialled as anti-obesity drug for unborn babies

    I think this belongs to the "Nature is stupid" way of thinking. She needs a helping hand from the pharmaceutical companies, and the medical profession which is, though doubtless not knowingly, in their pocket, because she makes blunders.

    Anyone who has a clue about evolutionary biology knows that Nature does not blunder. This -- normal conception, pregnancy, and childbirth, resulting in healthy babies -- was all sorted out a very long time ago. We wouldn't be here otherwise.

    These people also need to read some anthropology and ethnography. There are, for example, accounts relating how tribeswomen would drop out when the people were on the move, give birth, pick up their baby, and catch up again. It could be that easy and painless for hunter-gatherers.

    And obesity is not to be explained by reference to the Seven Deadly Sins. I'm not saying sin isn't a reality: experience of life and reflection on different explanations of phenomena might suggest to one that it is. I'm merely saying that when it comes to a biological phenomenon how about not immediately reaching for greed and sloth? How about instead looking for a naturalistic explanation first? I don't need to tell people here what that is.

    Good grief, dosing unborns with metformin! Goodness' knows what effects it might have now and down the line. Whom does this benefit but the pharmaceutical companies? How about getting those women off the SAD (or in this case the the Failing United Kingdom Diet) before they even try to conceive? We could start by not making government "healthy eating" advice counterproductive. Oh, sorry, I forgot: government in modern Western liberal-democracies is not actually there to serve the people.
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    Those government officials are just like us, they aren't a bunch of shapeshifting reptillians.


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      The movie V (1988ish) comes to mind.

      That is insain! My father was taking a double dose of Metformin as directed by his doc and it effected him so badly that he was near immobile and hardly able to stand for any period of time. What will such a drug do to someone so small??


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        Originally posted by fiercehunter View Post
        Those government officials are just like us, they aren't a bunch of shapeshifting reptillians.
        Yes, just like other people. Do you know people who are never have one eye to their own interests? I'm not sure I ever met any. And I'm thinking of people who are not in positions of power where they are exposed to temptation. There are occasions when I have chosen to do what I thought in someone else's interest even when I was sure it was against my own, because I thought it the right thing to do. I'm not sure I always do that. Good for you, if you do.

        Of course, I'm being rhetorical when I say "Yes, just like other people". In fact, personality types vary, so people who choose to go into politics are not necessarily the same as as the people whom you describe as "us".

        And certainly not everyone in politics has clean hands -- although some certainly do. Here is very well-documented evidence of that:

        MPs' expenses - Telegraph

        But anyway, that's all as maybe. It's a shame you couldn't comment on the story, which is, I think, an important and frightening one. Just why did you need to be so flippant and shallow?


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          They have identified a problem (potentially obese infants) and are trying to "fix" it. Same thought process behind most of medicine, however misguided.
          Perhaps it will help those infants whose mother is too big to lose enough weight safely during that pregnancy?

          The NHS does try to get people on healthy-SAD (fruit, veg, yes grains but better than turkey twizzlers) but then we get called nanny-state communists *sigh*

          I'd better stop there, Big Brother is watching


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            I was diabetic while pregnant with my son. They absolutely would not prescribe metformin while I was pregnant. It was considered too risky. I was put on insulin as a more controllable medication. I feel that metformin would create much larger risk of stillborn. He was genetically large but not large due to diabetes at 8lbs 10oz at 38w. There was nothing I could have done to make him any smaller short of mutual malnutrition. My other two children were born long before I was diabetic. They were also both in the 8lbs range with my oldest just shy of 9lbs.