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    Check out LADA Support Group for People Living With Type 1.5 Diabetes on Facebook. Some extremely knowledgeable folks lead discussions.


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      thank you. i introduced him to LADA, didn't get much of a response. we'll see where he takes it. maybe i'll give him a nudge in a few months.
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        I saw a doctor on CNN talking about stomach bypass or band surgery as a cure for diabetes. He noted with surprise that there was an almost immediate improvement related to diabetes even prior to weight loss. He said that the reasons were unclear. I know two people who have had the surgery and I am familiar with the post-op diet. They are told to consume protein until almost full and then some vegetables. Their stomachs are smaller and they need to get the most nutritionally dense food into their stomachs first. They are told to avoid grain product because they do not get the nutritional bang for their buck that meat provides.

        What amazes me is that doctors cannot make the correlation that this diet would be good for people who do not have the surgery.


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          Ironically some surgeons actually have people lose weight pre-surgery to reduce fatty liver. If they can lose weight pre-surgery why do they need the surgery? Almost every person that sets foot on the Biggest Loser ranch is a candidate for surger (or has already had one) and they lost weight. The exercise regimen and weight loss program on the ranch is extreme but it does work and they are monitored closely.

          Let's get the message out that there is a better way rather than surgery. I have had surgery so I know the good, the bad and the ugly!


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            Saoirse, if your Dad has LADA it becomes necessary to take insulin as eventually the pancreas cease insulin production. He will keep losing weight as his insulin production drops. It will definitely be a good thing to follow up. He may be afraid of the needles required to use insulin. Sometimes people are forced into facing the evolution of their illness when they end up in the hospital. Best wishes to you both.


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              Actually something akin to this has been known for at least a couple years. I remember telling my father about it the day that I read it. They had been getting good results after applying duodenal sleeves. So maybe it's the duodenum that measures the food coming through the intestines and triggers hormonal response?

              Let me google that for you