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Childhood Obesity

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  • Childhood Obesity

    The obesity rates in children is very sad. Worse still are the options for getting the message of the Primal Blueprint out to these kids.

    They are hidden from the truth by the fog of myths that still linger everywhere - the myth that dietary fat causes obesity, that obese people are obese because they are lazy and eat too much.

    Check out the wiki entry for Wellspring Academy - paying attention to the "Methods" section

    "Students eat three low-fat meals and two snacks daily, totaling only about 1,300 calories and less than 12 grams of fat per day. Extensive daily physical activity, including walking or running at least 10,000 steps per day, is also required."


    I'd love to see a Primal Blueprint for Kids, children's success stories, and peer reviewed academic studies where primal/paleo behavior works for obese kids - so we can drive change into the younger generation, and the people who care for them, before too much damage has been done to their bodies.

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    LOL (sad to admit but I just looked for the "like" button) ANYWHO... very good post. have you seen Jamie Oliver's TED award presentation? It is unbelievable!

    Anywho... Yeah I agree, it would be interesting to see the change in families that have obese children. I have been obese since I was a child and i hope to change that soon.

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      Thanks for posting the link mandabear!

      I have always liked Jamie. Unfortunately his efforts have not been very successful in the UK regarding curbing childhood obesity.

      M x


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        I love Jamie and have followed him since he started pretty much. He had a lot of opposition in the school boards, and even more opposition among the parents.

        Did you know that there were parents running an underground food train to bring in the crap that kids like? PARENTS were sabotaging his efforts to change the diet of kids.

        He's on the right track, in trying to get the schools to change whats offered. But lets get real, it also comes from whats served at home.

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        Rough start due to major carb WD.

        MWF: 1 hour run/walk, 1.5 hours in the gym - upper/lower and core
        Sat/Sun=Yard/house work, chasing kids, playing
        Family walk every night instead of everyone vegging in front of the TV
        Personal trainer to build muscle mass & to help meet goals


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          Parents are more disinformed than their children. It's not surprising they'll rage against anything that suggests they're doing a bad job.

          You really need to go after parents and children at the same time with specialized information campaigns. Not everyone is receptive, so you need to maximize exposure.