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Help me pick my nutrition research paper topic

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  • Help me pick my nutrition research paper topic

    I am a nutrition major in my 8th and last semester. My one class is a seminar dedicated to writing and presenting an in-depth research paper on health outcomes of food consumption or food systems. Basically, I will review, analyze and critique existing research papers and their methods and then synthesize my findings in a final paper and presentation.

    I need to pick a topic. Any suggestions are welcome but keep in mind this is in an academic and scientific setting. For instance, "paleo" is not a research topic because 1) it isn't well defined and too broad, 2) there isn't a strong enough body of research directly on paleo and 3) it reeks of bias.

    Keep in mind I'm in the belly of the beast, every one of my professors' names ends with R.D. Although institutes of higher learning should be open to new paradigms, my four years here has shown me this is not the case in nutrition. My paper adviser is unfortunately the worst of the bunch: She is very set in her ways and argumentative, she applauds vegetarianism and veganism, loves "Forks over Knives" and has exploded over the word paleo in class before. I intend to pursue a research paper related to our ancestral eating patterns or the harmful effects of a certain modern food. I expect some debate, but I need to balance between being my professor's patsy and picking a topic I know she agrees on, and jeopardizing my grades/letter of recommendation and simply making my last semester at college hell.

    So any ideas for a topic related to ancestral eating that aren't too overt, would be appreciated. Please recognize that in a research paper, I am simply presenting my findings rather than arguing a hypothesis or point of view. (I have a few of my own, but I would love to hear all of your ideas first)!

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    Easy. Point out the complete lack of evidence associating high total cholesterol with heart disease. Or, look into the newest research about arterial plaque. That will blow anyone's mind.
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      What about something like diet and calcium metabolism? You need to consider Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin K2, Mg and Ca. You can start with the work of Weston A Price. I'm sure you can find plenty of research parpers on the topic. Cees Vermeer @ Maastricht has plenty of material on K2. Chris Masterjohn is another starting point
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