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Genetically Modified Foods Debate

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  • Genetically Modified Foods Debate

    Hello world

    I'm doing a school debate. The motion is 'Genetically Modified Foods are essential in the fight against world hunger'. Thankfully, I am opposing the motion!

    I thought maybe you guys (well informed and enthusiastic as you all are) might have a thing or two to say about it!

    Thanks for any help of any form/ ideas/ suggestions/ points/ etc. I appreciate it very much

    PS. Good news! My mum heard a book review on the radio. She didn't mention the title but she said it basically supports all the things I've advocated to her for so long :P

    Fat is good

    Hyrdogenated fat is baaad

    Sugar is baaad

    Meat is good

    (And so on and so forth)

    It's not the PB and there are probably some slight variations but this is good news.

    I'll try to get the name of the book and post it here.

    Thanks again

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    A good documentary to watch would be The Future of Food and it's actually available to watch for free on Hulu.


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      Another is Food Inc. It is highly viewed on the iTunes Movies usually.


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        Good luck man I hope you kick ass!

        I'm going to be writing a 20 page paper (what a nightmare) on problems with the food industry, so this topic will definitely come up. As of now I am ignorant of the subject but maybe we could share some ideas (I actually need to interview 10 people for this research).

        .`.><((((> .`.><((((>.`.><((((>.`.><(( ((>
        ><((((> .`.><((((>.`.><((((>.`.><(( ((>


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          Food Inc doesn&#39;t touch on GMOs as extensively as The Future of Food but it&#39;s easily my favorite food related documentary. Very well done.


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            This exact topic came up on Mark&#39;s post, Jan 21 GMO&#39;s safe for consumption. You will have to go back and read the article and comments. I copied this part for you, but I think there is more discussion throughout the article:

            I understand the poverty argument, and it was one of the reasons I was skeptical but not against GMOs for a number of years until I read up more on agricultural systems and organic yield potential. Actually, a couple years ago a study with statistical models came out showing that the world population *could* be supported with 100% organic agriculture.


            Hope that helps.


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              Thanks to everyone. I&#39;ll try to watch the Future of Food if I get a chance. Until then there&#39;s a &#39;Resources&#39; page on the Future of Food web page. Some of those links will be useful. g2baker, that article should be a great help.

              There seems to be an abundance of information out there. Any relevant Google search seems to have many helpful pages.

              One thing I&#39;ve noticed that Monsanto keep cropping up (pun intended ) where ever you look for information on GMOs. They&#39;re exactly what you&#39;d expect an evil corporation to be like! I can imagine their CEO sitting in his office with a scar over one eye stroking a white cat...

              Anyway, thanks once again!


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                LOL! Good Luck and have fun!