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    I don't mean to be spam or anything, but I couldn't find the right section. My Mom (I'm a teenage boy) has recently started a blog where she posts all the newest findings in health. (that why I thought this might be the right section) She goes to this website everyday and my family lives of the Primal Diet. I myself am not at all "health freak" (if you hadn't guessed that by the teenage boy part). On her Blog she has this website as a main source and she always refers people to it, in real life or on the blog. She is even taking college courses to be a certified nutritionist. She is getting really discouraged at the lack of people reading, and she is even staying up late nights to work. She is having real fun with this blog and I don't want it to die. It would mean the world to me if you would check her out, its called The Simplicity of Wellness. Please take a look, Its the holidays after all. (I am posting this without her knowledge). About | The Simplicity of Wellness

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    I'll check it out! What holistic nutrition program is she going into? I'm looking into that myself...
    Making adventure out of this thing called life


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      The funniest thing about this post is the fact that you (according to your mom) pretty much just eat processed food. So you can go to the effort to promote her blog even though you clearly don't believe in what she's doing?
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        Wow - truly humbled

        I just found this thread. I'm the "mom". I was looking at my site stats and noticed that there was a LOT of activity from this forum. Seemed weird. I'm really just learning the whole blog thing so I don't really get the stats, however it was a link so I clicked it. I can't believe he put this up. I know he's the sweetest kid ever and as the Mom I do believe I'm allowed to be biased but maybe I'm not so biased - he is the sweetest kid ever!!!

        Thank you all who dropped by my VERY NEW blog. Of course I'm editing and updating my "look" because as far as I know no one is looking but me. Very embarrassing that there was so much action on the day I'm just messing around with the layout.

        Just to clear up a few things, I started on the primal/paleo journey because my daughter (his older sister) has had digestive problems her whole life (she's now 18). She was heading off to college this past fall and I was worried about her health. The regular medical community has never been much help. Even after an invasive scope they told us she was fine. The doctor said her small intestin was red and irritated but that was nothing to worry about. She was fine. She was just going to have to be on a prescription antacid forEVER! NOT good. I was finally directed to a holistic nutritionist. She changed our lives. She did blood work and discovered that my daughter was sensitive to wheat. The easiest thing to do was become gluten free. (There is a lot more to this story. If anyone is interested contact me and I'll give the whole story).

        O.k., not so easy. I had no idea how to be gluten free. The Primal BluePrint was huge for me. Mark's Daily Apple was/is a god send. I'm still on this blog and many others everyday. I went from the Primal BluePrint to the Paleo Solution and then more from there. My daughter finally knows what it feels like to feel good. She's done a really good job eating or trying to eat clean. She knows right away when she eats the wrong thing. She's having a tough time at college. The gluten free options are far and few between. The options she does have are processed foods. Not good.

        Back to my son, the sweetest kid ever. He's growing like a weed and eats all day everyday - he looks like a very TALL stick figure. He's always been a very picky eater. There are some sensory issues with textures etc... He's getting better. He'll get there. It has to happen at his pace. In the mean time, I will continue to feed him eggs and vegetables, grass-fed burgers and fruit. Hopefully his diet will transition more to what we eat and less from what he can just grab. I know there are other people out there trying to transition family members over to a primal/paleo lifestyle. The Paleo Mom for one. Her kids are younger, that makes it seem like it would be easier but it's probably not. It's just nice to read other peoples stories and get ideas.

        The good news is, I know my son is absorbing all the nutritional stuff he hears around the house. He asks me questions all the time. It's great. My husband and I haven't been diagnosed with food sensitivities (we haven't had blood work done) but we also feel the benefits of our new primal/paleo lifestyle. All kinds of good things have come from it. We don't eat out. I make all kinds of yummy food. We are actually having a kind of weird day today. We are drying fruit as well as pureed fruit for rollups. We are making a Mineral Broth and my husband, who used to be a vegetarian, is making HOMEMADE sausage. Crazy!

        The best part about all of this is my new passion for nutrition and holistic health. My daughter started college this fall and so did I. I am loving the masters program in holistic nutrition that I am taking from Hawthorn University. I searched for months for a distance learning program. I kept going back to Hawthorn and comparing all others to it. I'm happy to say I made the right decision. It's great. I did contact Melissa at before finalizing my decision. She was (not sure if she's finished) enrolled in a similar holistic nutrition program at Hawthorn. She gave it the thumbs up. Yay!

        Again, thank you all for reading my sons post. What a great kid. He's 15! Isn't this when they are supposed to be terrible?! Everything he wrote was true. I really don't have the words. I need to go find him and thank him for wanting to help me succeed. I'm going to have to wait for just a little bit because I know I'll start to cry. Arghhhh!


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          Hi, my program is the MS in Holistic Nutrition at Hawthorn University. I love it. It's very comprehensive. Melissa at also did her holistic nutrition course with Hawthorn. It's distance learning. That is all they do and they do it very well. Really impressive. Every Wednesday evening my professor has a call in class. We all dial in and spend two hours discussing some relevant topics and a practice client. Really neat.


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            Originally posted by amytime View Post
            I just found this thread. I'm the "mom".
            Welcome. I am one of those who dropped by yesterday. I am currently too busy to browse your archives, but you are in my RSS so I will be reading you regularly.

            Good job on helping your daughter! I hope your son gets swayed, too.


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              Thank you Farfalla. Based on the information I see in your "ticker" it looks like you have also found great success with the Primal lifestyle. Way to go.


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                Thanks so much for the info on Hawthorne! I'll be looking into it.
                Making adventure out of this thing called life