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Cancer vacine?

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  • Cancer vacine?

    Breakthrough: Israel Develops Cancer Vaccine | United with Israel

    The website is a bit over the top Israel hoorah, but the idea is interesting. Vaccine attacks MUC1 markers on cancer cells. However your need to take boosters constantly afterwards. Sounds like it will be very popular over here.

    I wasn't aware that TB was becoming resistant to treatment. That's scary. There is a outbreak in one of the OWS chapters.
    There is the official website. Too early to know about side effects and costs. If all is well it will be brought to market in 6 years.
    My journal where I attempt to overcome Chrohns and make good food as well

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    The body's defense system - called the immune system - consists of a network of specialized cells and tissues that fight infection and disease. Therapies that use the immune system to fight or prevent cancer are called biological therapies


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      at least we now know the source of the future zombie plague


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        Conditioning Research: fasting ...cancer...we have heard this before?


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          Well,The cancer treatments are available in medical science.The chemotherapy,radiography,and surgery is the types of cancer.But the scientist research about the vaccine of cancer.


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            No sounds like b.s. to me. Cancer according to T.S. Wiley is just the "new you"- what happens when your bad genes get turned on and your good genes get turned off- mostly due to lifestyle choices.