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The Ever-Expanding Market for Statin Drugs

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  • The Ever-Expanding Market for Statin Drugs

    This just popped up in my email this morning from Nutrition Data News

    The Ever-Expanding Market for Statin Drugs

    Cholesterol-lowering drugs aren't just for those with high cholesterol anymore. A panel of experts recently advised the FDA to approve the use of a popular cholesterol-lowering medication in millions of people with healthy cholesterol levels.

    We've known for years that statin drugs do more than lower cholesterol; they also reduce systemic inflammation. The panel calculates that prescribing statins for people who have normal cholesterol but elevated inflammation markers could prevent thousands of heart attacks and strokes a year.

    Although the price tag—$2,000 a year and a host of risks and potential side effects—is not insignificant, the benefits would appear to outweigh the costs. Unless, of course, there were a safer and cheaper way to reduce inflammation.

    Here is the blog link if your interested:

    Not a word about grains. So sad!

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    well, until I made a post about it!