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yoga and agave nectar

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  • yoga and agave nectar

    i was wondering how daily yoga fits in with the primal blueprint. i'm sure our hunter/gather ancestors weren't focused on doing down dog correctly.

    and then, what about agave nectar? i've heard it has a slow glycmic release.

    any info, comments, or advice welcome!


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    Yoga: nothing wrong with it and a great way to relax, or so I heard. If you like it, do it!

    Agave nectar: Pretty much a no-no. It may have a low GI, but it's mainly fructose which is in many ways even more damaging than regular sugar. I would absolutely avoid it.


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      I'm sure they weren't doing down dog, BUT they probably had a much wider range of movement then some of us nowadays do, just from their general activity levels and moving into various positions as part of their daily tasks.

      I do yoga because I love it and it makes me feel amazing, and I prefer it to any other form of exersize. I can build lots of strength along w/ balance and flexibility doing it, and it's so much fun. I've got a post talking about doing weight training (as per primal blueprint recs) and got a lot of feedback on how I can just use my yoga practice (w/ some modifications) to meet those goals/needs. (Here it is: I also consider my daily yoga practice part of the low intensity aerobic movement stuff. So all I need to add in, IMO is the sprints to workout pb style.

      Agave is scary stuff!

      Agave Syrup is advertised as “low glycemic” and marketed towards diabetics. It is true, that agave itself is low glycemic. We have to consider why agave syrup is “low glycemic.” It is due to the unusually high concentration of fructose (90%) compared to the small amount of glucose (10%). Nowhere in nature does this ratio of fructose to glucose occur naturally. One of the next closest foods that contain almost this concentration of glucose to fructose is high fructose corn syrup used in making soda(HFCS 55), which only contains 55% fructose.</blockquote>

      All that fructose is hard on the liver...

      And another link:

      Just a start--if you look up agave dangers on google (or something similar) you'll find lots of links that might counter the 'agave is a wonderful, healthy, 'raw' sweetner' idea. I'm still not totally sure which side I believe, but typically avoid it b/c I'm unsure.


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        Also on Agave, as I understand it, there&#39;s a lot of crazy processing that goes into producing it.