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Misguided USC, Charleston Obesity Study Funded by Coca-Cola Corp.

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  • Misguided USC, Charleston Obesity Study Funded by Coca-Cola Corp.

    USC researcher: Why are we fat? - Health & Fitness -

    1. Based on the now familiar calories-in/calories out failed hypothesis. We can't be violating the laws of thermodynamics, except when we poop out energy, you know.

    2. Researcher promotes the idea of "fit but fat;" derides the "obesity mafia."

    3. And.... oh, yeah, ... The year long project is recieving a $2.5M grant from Coca-Cola Corporation.

    What could possibly go wrong?

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    Looks like another example of agenda-driven "research". Wonder how much money is squandered every year on boondoggles like this one? Probably more than enough to buy every politician and bureaucrat a copy of Gary Taubes's books, where they might actually learn something.
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      I hate that research could be done on the primal lifestyle and it's life altering abilities, and yet 2.5 million is just going to this guy, who is intelligent enough to say people don't really move around as much, so they are more overweight. really?


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        Wow no conflict of interest there with a corporate super conglomerate that pushes fluids that are destined to impact your health. Words fail me when people look at this and don't think there is a problem with some research.

        You can be fit and fat but that doesn't mean you are healthy. When I was 50lbs heavier I could run all day long but I was still overweight and felt awful. But man was I able to run for miles and miles. I see it all the time with guys in the trades. They are moving all day long and many of them are overweight.

        Once again it boils down to diet and not exercise. When diet is right you only need a little exercise.
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          He's simplifying the question to 'exercise' simplify his study - because if he added more variables it would be a more difficult study to run and measure. Another day in science.

          I don't agree with him that the junk Americans are putting in their bodies isn't a major culprit for weight gain. I think everyone here can agree with that.

          However, to his point that Americans don't move enough as one reason for increasing obesity, I actually agree with him.
          How many Americans don't even get 60 minutes of walking in each day? I think we all know that there are a lot of people who don't manage this very minimal movement in a day. Would they be a picture of health with a 60 min walk? Probably not. Would they be better off and perhaps a couple pounds lighter if they walked? Yeah, I think so.
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            Again, just goes to show you have to look at who is funding the studies and most people don't.