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  • eyeglasses

    It seems to me that poor vision would have been a big evolutionary disadvantage; if Grok couldn't see a lion coming, he wouldn't have reproduced and we wouldn't be here. I saw a bunch of documentaries from the 70's and most of the people had glasses. Nowadays, many people (uncluding myself) wear contact lenses. So I'm hypothesizing that this is due to our change in diet.

    Can anyone help compile research for or against this? I'll keep searching, this idea just came to me, and I wanted to post it before I forget.

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    I don't know if this is any help at all, but it might give you something to consider. I have astigmatism in my right eye. After 3 years of cutting out sugars and 2 years of cutting out essentially all grains, my prescription hasn't changed and my eyesight hasn't gotten worse. I'm still waiting, hoping it gets better so that I don't have to get lasik.


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      My astigmatism has healed!!! I don't know if this is diet related, fluke, having kids or what, but I'm stoked. I still need glasses, but less of a perscription!

      The more I see the less I know for sure.
      -John Lennon


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        If I let my train of thought chug along, short sightedness is due to a funny shaped eye which means the light isn't focussed where it should be. Astigmatism is funny-shaped in a different way.

        So what determines shape of eyeball?

        Some genetics, ok.

        Shape of skull?

        Pressure of vitreous / aquaeous humours?

        It has been noted (?WAPF) that grain eating societies produce children with narrower skulls / jaws / underdeveloped sinuses. Maybe the shape of the skull is changed in grain-eaters?*

        Also, an effect of diabetes is high pressure within the eye (glaucoma) due to either blood sugar or high blood pressure - both of which can be caused (albeit to a lesser extent) by carb-heavy diets....

        Food for thought, if nothing else!

        Not sure how I can reshape my skull though!

        (Mutter grumble my jaw is worse than my eyes...)

        *Discussion of facial development here but there is one somewhere that compares photographs of Swiss children from different villages


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          Well, I'd seen something somewhere about crooked teeth (that plagues America but not remote tribes) is a vitamin K deficiency, so...