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A core bibliography-videography for PB'ing

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  • A core bibliography-videography for PB'ing

    I just put this together for my daughter and husband in Houston. I was pleasantly surprised to see one of Dr. Weil's books in the kitchen when I walked in, and to learn that my son-in-law took himself off of statins! The family eats WAY too much sugar and starches, but at least there is an awareness developing.

    So I sent this email with this info. It's not intended to be comprehensive, probably way too much material for a month of reading (while raising four kids!) So feel free to add.

    Here are some links you might find informative that I've mentioned:

    The Great Cholesterol Myth

    There are certainly pages and pages and books and books out there that show how our cholesterol fixation is all wrong. Here is a recent forum discussion on blood panel numbers. Go half way down to Griff's contribution. He'll tell you how to use the triglycerides, HDL, and LDL's to get more meaningful interpretations of blood panel results.

    Here is the recent LA Times story on how fruit juices are just sugar water: "The upside of juice consumption is so infinitesimal compared to the downside that we shouldn't even be having this discussion," said Dr. Robert Lustig, a pediatric endocrinologist at UC San Francisco.

    Lustig's famous video on sugar and its health effects is here: It's long but really, really informative.........and you'll go cold turkey on sugar, honey, and soda.

    Here's the website and food religion (ha ha!) I adhere to. Well, pretty darned closely.

    "Why You Got Fat" is a three minute video that explains insulin resistance:

    Here is a comprehensive lecture about insulin and its metabolic effects by an endocrinologist.

    Gary Taubes is the author of the recent, highly respected "Good Calories, Bad Calories" book, a real scientific slog showing how carbohydrates are "the enemy", how they make people fat and bring on Metabolic Syndrome and diabetes. A NYT story way back in 2002 set the stage: "What if it's been a big fat lie?"

    A video version of his books is at: AqwKS3-i9Ag&q=good+calories+bad+calories&hl=en&view=2&cli ent=firefox-a#

    A fifteen minute interview summary is at:

    Here Dr. Weil endorses Taubes:

    Vitamin D vs. statins:

    Well, that oughtta keep you occupied for a few hours.