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Sitting Comfortably at Work

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  • Sitting Comfortably at Work

    This is an episode from Robert Rickover's Alexander Technique podcast.

    I thought it worth posting, because I know many people here are interested in the topic.

    I haven't actually heard this episode yet, since I've been quite busy and it's in my podcasts yet to listen to bucket. But Rickover is the bees knees and usually gets some knowledgeable guests on, so I expect there's something worth hearing in this one.

    Here's the link:

    Body Learning: The Alexander Technique - Download free podcast episodes by Robert Rickover on iTunes.

    The Sitting at Work episode is with Ann Rodiger and is currently episode number 9:

    Ann Rodiger, an Alexander Technique teacher in New York City and author of How to Sit Your Body at Work: A guide to sitting at your workstation based on the Alexander Technique talks with Robert Rickover about The Alexander Technique, egonomics and learning how to sit comfortably at work. Ann's website: ...