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Heat forms potentially harmful substance in high-fructose corn syrup

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  • Heat forms potentially harmful substance in high-fructose corn syrup

    This is your ketchup over a hot steak

    The scientists measured levels of HMF in HFCS products from different manufacturers over a period of 35 days at different temperatures. As temperatures rose, levels of HMF increased steadily. Levels jumped dramatically at about 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

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    That story implies that it&#39;s the fructose that&#39;s responsible......which of course is in sugar sweetened products, too.

    And anyway, ketchup on a steak????? A pox on you!


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      HFCS also contains levels of Aluminum.


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        SS would never disgrace a beautiful piece of meat like that I do like a little homemade ketchup (no sugar of course) with a meat loaf though!

        I hate HFCS like fire, it just boggles my mind when I look at labels and it&#39;s still in everything. Which is why I generally buy food without labels. Works like a charm.

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        and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan


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          Yes, ketchup on meat loaf works. Alternatively, old fashioned "chili sauce." Ketchup with bits of pepper and onions. I&#39;m sure its a vector for HFCS nowadays.

          HFCS is like a virus. It&#39;s hard to evade. Before I kicked wheat to the side, I did find one or two breads w/o it. It seems that Pepperidge Farms was a nation brand that hadn&#39;t gone to The Dark Side as of a couple of years ago.