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    Attention PB'ers and other Nutrional Nutcakes!

    Here are some internet items that you might find of interest, I sure did.

    First, someone here has already suggested "Insulin and its Metabolic Effects" by Dr. Ron Rosedale. I second that one. It's rather long and a bit rambling, but Dr. Rosedale, a specialist in diabetes, makes many points. Some are just reinforcements of things most of us know, but this one jumped out at me (OK, and that I still remember!). As to the alleged necessity of carbohydrates, he points out that our body has redundant systems for everything that's important. Can't get blood sugar? Make ketones. That sort of thing. There is NO redundancy for insulin's role of taking glucose overloads out of the bloodstream. In other words, glucose overloads via eating starches and sugars was rare as our DNA was setting up.

    He does have a negative, that of saying to minimize saturated fats because - can you believe this? - they make saturated fats in the body. Oh, well. It seems that every great nutritional scientist has an Achilles heel. Cordain, anyone?

    As I said, it's a long speech, and it doesn't help that he uses the word "sugar" when talking about blood glucose AND ingested sugar. Oh well.

    The Mercola site for this talk is loaded, loaded with crapola. Only after a search did I find a nice, all text version:

    Second, read Dr. Eades' most recent blog entry and then watch the video:

    A bit long but at least fairly entertaining style. At least the researcher, a 25 year vegetarian admits that the Atkins and semi-Atkins diets had the most weight loss AND the best blood workups.

    Last, yesterday's blog from Mark about spectator foodies. Be sure to read the NYT article.


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    No comments? No additions or suggestions?



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      Thanks for compiling so many interesting resources, OTB. I look forward to checking them out when I have time.


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        A really great find. That article from Ron Rosendale is simply eye opening.

        Thanks a lot.


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          I know Dr. Ron Rosedale's approach VERY well(that doesn't mean I agree with all of it). One of my good friends works with him. So if you have any questions you can ask me and I can probably give you an accurate response.

          He is actually writing a book right now that will be out in a few months. It is geared more towards health professionals and focuses on aging and what be believes is the optimal diet in terms of micros and macros. He also has some ground-breaking stuff about a marker called mTor (it is related to aging and optimal health).