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Fish Oil - Help with Brands?

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  • Fish Oil - Help with Brands?

    Im starting with baby steps this week & trying to eat Primal..

    I would love your recommendations on Fish Oil brands? GNC/Vitamin Shoppe/Whole Foods/Target, etc..
    Im hoping it will help me with some forgetfulness/memory issues/adult ADD . Im 36 years old.....

    Not sure if its stress or what, but Ive been really forgetful lately, I feel like Im in a fog? I had an instance where I went to let the dog in off his chain & realized I had already let him in - I dont even recall doing it. I asked my husband & kids if they let him in because I actually cannot recall doing it (I have been really worried about this!) Its just small mudane things I do everyday, but I can normally recall events if I think about it... I also made coffee earlier this week & forgot to put water in the coffee-maker. Ive had a lot on my mind. Im a mommy to a 3 & 6 year old. I have boughts of mild OCD & ADD. My mind can race at times & I jump from task the task. Ive had OCD since childhood & in my adulthood it is more of worrying type of OCD - I obsess about things sometimes extremely! Where most people can brush things off & go about their business, I dwell & ruminate - this can go on for weeks sometimes. So I know fish oil may or may not be a cure-all, Ive heard it can help with some of these issues.
    Thanks for reading

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      I personally take NOW Foods Ultra Omega-3 and DHA-500 capsules. 1 each per day.

      The recommendations on brand and mode of delivery (capsule vs. liquid) you get will be numerous and likely someone will chime in and say they heard negative things about so and so brand. It can actually drive you a little crazy.

      I say find what is readily available to you which provides the greatest dosage in the least number of swallows and money and go with that and seems to have a good reputation. That's how I decided. 1st time buyer $5 discount code: GIS836


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        Is there a Sprouts where you live? I use their store brand concentrated Omega3 fish oil capsules, 1000 mg/pill.


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          Lets see, RenewLife's Supercritical Omega 3here
          and Alterra's Neuromega have some of the highest Omega 3 lvls and DHA levels.
          You would probably be able to order them online for cheaper than the spots I posted(first google hits and all)
          Calm the f**k down.


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            I just starting taking Omega Maine Omega 3 oil - 2 Tsps a day. I was taking Carlson's Cod liver oil gelcaps until I discovered this brand. Very potent!

            Average 4000 mg per serving and no fish burp.
            1625-1900 EPA
            1525-1700 DHA

            I got the vanilla and mix it in some coconut water - goes right down. Not sure if its the fish oil for sure but I have noticed my energy level is much higher throughout the day. Highly recommend!

            OmegaMaine Omega-3 Liquid Oil in Five All Natural Flavors