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READER'S DIGEST / "The New Science of Dieting"

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  • READER'S DIGEST / "The New Science of Dieting"

    I thought it was great that just after 3 weeks of going partially Primal and having discussion after discussion with family and friends who are stubborn and have been saddle bagged by grains and Conventional Wisdom that the latest Reader's Digest would show up on my door step with a pair of eggs and a bacon smile on the cover with the title "The New Science of Dieting"! I had to just sit back and smile while cooking up another unbelievable primal omelette!! After forcefeeding the RD article to some of my most stubborn friends, they are now raising eyebrows and doing double takes as I am shedding pounds and looking leaner every week on the PB plan. Because of RD (not so much me), they now want to explore PB a little more. Love it!!

    Perhaps the great info from Mark, Gary Taubes, and others may begin to hit some of the mainstream sources...

    Gotta run, my omelette is ready...