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Happiness is a disease?

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    Originally posted by Jenny View Post
    I'm reading the fulltext of the article now. Don't take this too seriously; it's clearly meant to be funny in a tongue-in-cheek way. But it also uses this as a stepping stone example to make some quite interesting philosophical points about exactly how psychiatric disorders are currently defined and whether value judgements should play into that definition.

    Some of my fave bits that made me snicker...

    Wellp, I'm off to enjoy my persistent erotomania! (but where is my heavy appetite?!)
    Now that I know its satire I am going to read the whole thing. I may even send this to a few friends.
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      I have just read the whole paper, its 18 years old. Its short and an illuminating read that subtly shows the problems of attempting to treat psychiatry as a real science. I'm not sure what the author's intention was though.
      A steak a day keeps the doctor away


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        Yeah, I'd consider it satire anyway. Some of those deliberately stilted phrases were downright Nacirema in style (Google that for more lulz.)

        I'd say the author's point is at the end there -- that despite claims to the contrary, value judgements do and should have a place in our definitions of disorders.
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          Originally posted by driver8 View Post

          That was hilarious.


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            Ok, I'll read the whole thing. All I saw was the abstract. satire= good fun.
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              Originally posted by naiadknight View Post
              Ok, I'll read the whole thing. All I saw was the abstract. satire= good fun.
              Then, in case you somehow missed it, you should read Alan Sokal's paper 'Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity'

              A steak a day keeps the doctor away


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                Find your own "illness".

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                  Speaking of happiness, I noticed the last time I was low carbing that my mood was so much better. Hopefully, I will begin to experience that again, pathological or not
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                    I don't think I want to read the whole thing. I want to keep it simple.
                    However, from a sci. viewpoint, maybe I'll read the article to see how they deal with what they call disorders.
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