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  • Why Diets Fail on how stress relates to weight gain/loss.

    I believe the third paragraph is almost word for word out of the Primal Blueprint Book (i just read that chapter last night).

    And the last paragraph just left me speachless.
    My weak attempt at a journal:


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    And so boys and girls that is how the "stress-free diet pill" was produced!


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      Another cool example of how our diets lead to epigenetic effects that we might not anticipate... and another reason people who drastically restrict calories are so cranky. =]

      That last sentence... lmao.
      It says: "Bale thinks that designing medications to target these stress pathways may help dieters keep off the weight that they worked so hard to lose."
      But I hear: "Bale thinks that doing consulting work for a pharmaceutical company may help her make a few bucks off of the research results that she worked so hard to obtain."
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      I'm blogging again, at least a little bit.


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        People under certain kinds of stress don't eat more; they eat less. When my father died, I lost ten pounds in two weeks. The stress of not eating when the body is screaming for nourishment--a slightly different issue.


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          I suspect the real reason why most diets fail is the lack of fat in the diet.


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            Originally posted by Grok View Post
            I suspect the real reason why most diets fail is the lack of fat in the diet.
            Yeah, but I believe I read that the more fat you eat the "happier" you are, so it effects cortisol production. Reduces it I imagine. I'm agreeing with you, by the way.
            I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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              Weight-loss diets fail because most people view them as a temporary hardship from which they will be liberated as soon as they achieve their 'goal' weight. They then go back to the eating habits that made them obese in the first place.

              It's a fact of life that someone who loses a significant amount of weight will only maintain that lower weight by eating very much as he/she has been doing during the final stages of weight loss. For example, over the past several years, I have slowly (very slowly) gone from my high of about 340 lbs to my current weight of 160 lbs. However, I've been 'maintaining' my current weight over the past several months eating approximately 500 calories more--per week! (I have been eating primal for the past year, low carb the entire time, and I have continued eating the same way).

              If I were to return to the quantity and quality of the food that my former self was eating, I'd very soon be back over 300 lbs.