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the warrior diet and insulin level

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  • the warrior diet and insulin level

    has anyone experiemented with ori hofmekler's warrior diet? that is, fast or eat minimally everyday until you eat your one and only meal, and then feast. i wonder if that would cause overeating, and does overeating even fat and protein cause insulin/blood sugar levels to go up?

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    A lot of us us the warrior eating schedule around here. I have in the past, but I find that it's hard to meet my nutritional needs in one meal every day. It's not so much that it causes overeating it's that you need to eat a lot to get enough protein and some fat/carbs for energy.
    Protein will always cause insulin to increase. It doesn't cause the same kind of spike that sugary carbs do, but it's still an increase. This is a good thing though because insulin is needed get the protein into one's muscles. Protein will not, however, cause an increase in blood sugar. Some protein will be converted to glucose vie neoglucogenesis of course, but that is not a rapid and inexpensive process and will not cause a major increase in blood sugar. In fact, if you tried to survive on protein alone you would not be able to meet your energy needs and you would starve to death. (called rabbit starvation in the survival world).