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    Maybe, but judging by this and the op's long journal thread, sounds like s/he didn't find enough success with primal (perhaps due to not buying the premise enough) and split. Notice the posting gap between August and then this post's "I've been on and off primal" intro.
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      People that "fail" at primal to me are just REALLY into their grains and don't WANT to give them up. Sure, carb flu is tough and all, and I can see people making the connection of "I don't eat (bad/processed) carbs, I feel like shit, therefore I must eat (bad/processed) carbs" rather than toughing it out and seeing how the grass truly is greener on the other side, that's if they're on this site and have others that have gone through the same telling them that the rough times will pass.

      One of my personality traits is that I like to be kinda thorough in my explanations of things, even if I'm not sure whether the listener is being receptive or not. I also like to adjust my level of "smart-ness" depending on who I'm speaking to (read: I do NOT think I'm smart, but I do think if you understand something better than someone else, then you can tailor that information according to what you think they can absorb in one sitting) I get that from my father who always explained things to me fully when I had questions, especially as a child, so I always grew up thinking it was best to get the whole bit, and not just the parts that are appealing (ie: "here's how to lose weight through ditching shitty carbs" vs "here's how to make your body healthy, leading to things such as weight loss, through ditching shitty carbs")

      Anyway, I tried to help a friend out, she's about 5'3' and definitely falls under the category "does not need to lose weight... AT ALL" but is a bit soft in certain areas, etc, and wanted for a long time to tone up. I told her how I was doing so well on this "diet" and tried to give her some pointers without getting too deep into the science, and without delving too much into evolution, which I thought were topics of no interest to her. Knowing loosely how she already ate (a strict diet of processed carbs, every recipe being: open box, add water, enjoy!, and living off power bars, etc) I didn't think that it would be such a mountain for her to climb, since my road to primal was easier. I already had a cooking background and came from a cooking culture, i already ate plenty of meat, eggs and some veggies, so all I had to do was remove some stuff and add other stuff (coconut oil, better butter, better quality meats, etc) while she had to go and almost reprogram every aspect of how she ate, all the while not really having an appetite for meat, eggs, bacon, veggies, etc etc... so I almost felt like I set her up to fail and without a doubt that's what happened. She claimed she felt really shitty without her typical foods, and then said "thanks but no thanks, I'm gonna try to do this my way" and then I remembered she sometimes talked about what she ate on her Livejournal, which I also used to have, so out of boredom I decided to check it out. These are old entries from August, she had a countdown leading up to her birthday and I kid you not, everyday she ate the same thing, I feel a little shady sharing, but I doubt she'd ever find this here and if she did, she knows I wouldn't do this to make fun of her:

      "Day 5 -FRIDAY
      Breakfast- Special K Pecan cereal
      Lunch- Three mini turkey meatballs wrap & Smart Food.
      Dinner- Chicken ceasar Salad

      Treadmill 20 min

      Day 6 Saturday

      Breakfast- Special K Pecan Cereal
      Lunch- Smart food three mini turkey meatballs wrap & Plum
      Dinner- TINY gross greek salad
      also i ate another plum

      no exercise but we walked a lot."

      For about 13 days she ate the exact same thing, day in and day out and almost every day she did 20 mins on the treadmill. Her weight has always been around the same, as in, she never looks like she needs to lose a single pound. I have no idea what "smart food" is but I googled it and some popcorn came up, I really hope that's not what she was eating.

      It made me pretty upset to read that, but it also gave me some insight into why this diet lifestyle change can be so challenging for people. Clearly she's under-eating, but most importantly for me she's got no notion of nourishment or nutrition, which is fine not everyone does, but it also made me a little mad because I spent a couple of weeks exchanging e-mails with her trying to give her the in and outs of eating REAL FOOD without making the entire affair too complex. I linked her to some of Mark's most "user friendly" articles, and other blogs, I told her to just google paleo and see what she found. I even told her I'd cook for the both of us a couple of nights a week so that she could both learn and have some food to eat so she didn't have to eat her quick-fix garbage. I told her how Jillian Michaels (she wants to look like her) couldn't give two shits if she ever got fit because it would mean one less customer for her (I think some of my ideas were too conspiracy-theorist) and I explained that all foods marketed as healthy aren't really healthy and that true healthy food needs no marketing. She didn't go for any of it.

      I never revisited the subject, but I always did want to. She's a dear friend of mine and I hate seeing her stuck in that hamster wheel, thinking she's doing everything she can and not moving forward. It's even tougher for her because a primal diet may at first actually make her gain a few pounds, especially if she ditches the treadmill for some weights, and since she'd still be weighing herself she probably wouldn't care how healthy internally her body is if the scale is going up.

      I also sometimes feel like I didn't give her the full scoop. I was still understanding Paleo/Primal principles and I made the irresponsible mistake of pinning ALL carbs as the culprit, neglecting to tell her (at least in my frail memory) that I DID eat plenty of carbs, just none of them were processed or refined, and they all fell under vegetables or fruits, so she just said "i can't not eat carbs, I'm sorry, end of story" ... I wish I had done more research myself or had spoken more properly, though I DID tell her to eat veggies until she dropped and to not fear them, safe a few starchy exceptions.

      Anyway, I don't know what brought this rant on, but fuck it this thread was dead anyway, right?
      I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.