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IMPORTANT - Volunteers needed for Research

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  • IMPORTANT - Volunteers needed for Research

    Robb Wolf just posted this (and I saw it at Free the Animal):
    I wanted to let you know about an opportunity to participate in a Paleo Diet study. Dr Cordain, author ofThe Paleo Diet is researching the connection between diet and autoimmune illness. Heís looking for volunteers who have an autoimmune disease and have tried a the Paleo Diet for at least two months. The study wonít be overly demanding. Itíll involve an interview, questionnaire, and medical records if youíre willing to provide them (this last part is optional.) Of course everything will be kept confidential. If youíre interested in being part of the study, contact Dr Cordainís graduate student Trevor Connor ( With your help we can show how strong the link is between disease and diet and hopefully help a lot of people live better lives.
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    I saw this yesterday. I am going to send an email to the grad student mentioned. I will update with the outcome...

    What do people think about sharing their medical records with Dr. Cordain?

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      I just sent an email too as I've got two auto-immune diseases and have been paleo for quite some time now.


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        I've been reading some of Dr. Cordain's articles for many years now. He is a prof at CSU, Fort Collins, CO.

        My impression is that he would be very trustworthy when it comes to records, privacy, etc.


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          I have heard back from the researcher. They are collecting volunteer names now - and will be commencing the study w questionnaires in about 4-6 weeks, so now is the time to get in touch with Dr. Cordain etc. if you're interested. They are looking for study participants w an autoimmune condition.
          ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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            ~ Ex-Herbivore Goes Carnivore: Jazmin's PB Journal ~


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              Sure, I'll toss him an email. I have Hashimoto's and am probably Celiac.
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