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Oh no! Eggs are Bad for You. Again.

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  • Oh no! Eggs are Bad for You. Again.

    I was enjoying my delicious scrambled 3-egg breakfast with salsa this morning when I came across this article online:
    "One Egg Yolk Worse Than Some Fast-Food Meals When It Comes to Cholesterol, Canadian Physicians Say"

    Forms of this can also be found in various online Canadian newspapers, so a lot of people will be probably be reading it.

    At first I was a little alarmed until I had some time to consider it and recall everything I've been learning the past 3 months. Then I went back to enjoying my eggs. It's frustrating though, because so many people out there still believe this stuff and I don't even know enough of the science to be able to explain it simply to anyone else why this is misleading. Currently, I don't even bother trying.

    I'd be interested to hear other's comments on this.

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    the latest issue of fitness rx for women has an article saying low carb diets cause heart disease and doom, citing atkins specifically. i wanted to roll my eyes then remembered some of the recipes i'd read and some of the things i'd read that people ate and it was all cheese cheese cheese ranch mayo cheese bacon

    my point being, i guess, diet habits and factors aren't taken into consideration as a whole. they pick and choose until a + b = f
    yeah you are

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      There can be only ONE bible to follow. My BIBLE on all questions related to health & diet is Cardiologist Dr. Davis.
      I ignore any and all information that conflicts with Dr. Davis. He is why I am here at MDA.

      You will like this quote from Dr. Davis:

      --Eggs--Of course, eat the yolk. Eat three yolks. Scrambled, "fried," (not really deep-fried, of course), hard-boiled, poached, as an omelette. Add pesto, olive oil, vegetables, mushrooms, salsa.

      He is very consistent. Eliminate the grains & sugars to cure & reverse heart disease, high blood pressure and many other diseases.

      Enjoy our eggs cooked in every way!
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        Remembering what I've read in that blog and others as well as in this forum is what helps me to ignore the clamor of CW. Finally started reading "Good Calories, Bad Calories" yesterday.


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          There's also enough bee sting in a banana to kill you. Only if you distilled the chemical from the banana and injected it though, so it's not really very useful information. They should stop trying to find cholesterol in foods and start looking for bee toxin instead.

          Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
          Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food


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            Well, the article states that egg yolks may have more cholesterol than fast food; this much is true. However, high intake of dietary cholesterol is not necessarily detrimental. I'd rather enjoy my high-cholesterol yolks than a low-cholesterol burger bun made of refined flour and partially-hydrogenated shortening.
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              Here is the BOTTOM LINE:

              The propaganda is controlled by BIG MONEY INTERESTS !
              1) Food Companies want to sell Packaged Processed Foods which are high profits
              2) Drug Companies want to sell the most expensive drugs
              3) Doctors want their waiting rooms filled
              4) Hospitals want all beds filled

              Therefore, the FDA, ADA, AMA promote whatever makes the MOST MONEY for the above special interests. Those who actually fund medical studies get the results they want to promote their own greedy interests. That is the name of the tune.



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                I like Dr. Davis' blog and follow some of his little tidbits of advice.
                I found this interesting. I've asked about it a few times on his blog (is saturated fat good or bad in his opinion) but never receive a response.

                "How do we achieve dramatic reductions in CRP? We use:

                --Weight loss through elimination of wheat and cornstarch--This yields impressive reductions.

                --Vitamin D--I have no doubt whatsoever of vitamin D's capacity to exert potent anti-inflammatory effects. I am not entirely sure why this happens (enhanced sensitivity to insulin, reduced expression of tissue inflammatory proteins like matrix metalloproteinase and others, etc.), but the effect is profound.

                --Elimination of junk foods--like candies, cookies, pretzels, rice cakes, potato chips, etc.

                --Exercise--Amplifies the benefits of diet on CRP reduction.

                --Not allowing saturated fats to dominate--Yes, yes, I know. The demonization of saturated fat conversation has been largely replaced by the Taubesian saturated fat has not been confidently linked to heart disease conversation. But controlled feeding studies, in which a single component of diet is manipulated (e.g., saturated vs. monounsaturated vs. polyunsaturated fat) have clearly shown that saturated fats do activate several factors in the inflammatory response. "
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