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Zoe Harcombe - the woman who led me to PB (well, she ALMOST gets it!)

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  • Zoe Harcombe - the woman who led me to PB (well, she ALMOST gets it!)

    Before I discovered PB and MDA, I followed Zoe Harcombe's advice (see for candidasis. Now, she's ALMOST there - she just needs that final 'Big Push', to persuade her to see that grains/legumes need to be ditched, full stop (not just processed carbs; e.g. porridge is fine, rice and ricecakes also fine (but only if brown - that goes for flour and pasta, too)) but most of what she preaches does correlate with what Mark, The Eades, Wolf, Taubes, et al have been saying for years.

    She's not averse to soy, or evil oils - her mantra is 'natural good, processed bad' - irrespective of the source of the 'natural' foods.

    The diet is also quite restrictive, in that you can only eat fats separate from carbs (logical - but why not just ditch the carbs altogether...?) this would mean (obvious example) you couldn't have berries (carbs) with heavy cream (fat) (but you could have them with something like Total 0%). You can have meat with greens, but not 'coloureds' (e.g. you couldn't have ground beef in tomato sauce as it's too carby).

    It's ALMOST like the 'red' and 'green' days you have to follow at Slimming World.

    The diet is rather overcomplicated, and she writes in a rather patronising, condescending manner, but she's almost there - she's certainly closer than the rest of the CW world!
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