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Is butter high in AGEs?

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  • Is butter high in AGEs?

    Personally, i don't start panicking every time I see some isolated "fact" about a food, and I expect that the same goes for most people here. So I find this is interesting rather reassuring, because I wasn't running round like a headless chicken on account of Dr. William Davis' post anyway.

    It turns out that Dr. Davis was reporting results from a technique called immunoassay, a rather indirect method of measuring that can give dubious answers. His figure should have rung alarm bells since he had butter having 5000 times as much CML as whole milk, which has more PUFA, protein, sugar, phosphorous, and water - all of which are relevant here.

    So what's the true CML content of butter as measured by mass spetrometry? A study published last year showed that whole milk contains 40% more CML than butter. Wow, big difference, huh?

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    Great post by Chris Masterjohn. I'm behind on blogs so thanks for sharing that.


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      A great discussion of it here.

      He talks as if exogenous and endogenous AGEs are the same, but there is serious doubt that something as large as an AGE could permeate the intestinal wall without being broken into its components.