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    Here's another audio link for those who like audio ... and its not just for listening but has an interesting kind of experiment in it.

    This one is taken from Robert Rickover's podcast series on Alexander Technique. His guest likes to teach some of the techniques in AT through some techniques of his own he's developed, using our ability to use imagery.

    What these little exercises consist in is doing some simple actions, but at the same time imagining oneself doing the opposite thing. It's quite interesting. Depending on how aware you are of yourself physically speaking - or perhaps if you've done something that involves being aware (e.g. mindfulness meditation) before - you may be able to feel things happen when you do each visualization.

    The visualizations are basically techniques for stopping one from engaging habitual responses to some extent. With most of us (at any rate in modern high-pressure societies) much of what we do, although we're not aware of it, tends to involve malcoordination and at bottom too much doing - muscular effort that only gets in the way of what we're trying to do.

    Here's the link: