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Atlantic Article on Medical Research: "Lies, Damned Lies"

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  • Atlantic Article on Medical Research: "Lies, Damned Lies"

    This article is brilliant! And preaching to the choir, I know.

    Here's a taste: "But beyond the headlines, Ioannidis was shocked at the range and reach of the reversals he was seeing in everyday medical research. “Randomized controlled trials,” which compare how one group responds to a treatment against how an identical group fares without the treatment, had long been considered nearly unshakable evidence, but they, too, ended up being wrong some of the time. “I realized even our gold-standard research had a lot of problems,” he says. Baffled, he started looking for the specific ways in which studies were going wrong. And before long he discovered that the range of errors being committed was astonishing: from what questions researchers posed, to how they set up the studies, to which patients they recruited for the studies, to which measurements they took, to how they analyzed the data, to how they presented their results, to how particular studies came to be published in medical journals."
    Down almost 40 lbs. 70 to go.

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    I think there's another thread on this article already. Great article


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      Yes, it's a cherry pickers haven.
      Whether you think you can..... or you think you can't..... your 100 % correct.