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Have you tried barefoot running?

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  • Have you tried barefoot running?

    I get tons of pain in my legs, such as shin splints, ankles, flat feet, low arches. But when I run in sneakers(five finger shoes) on roads. I am very in shape and have played sports all of my life but started to get these pains towards the end of high school and throughout college soccer. It is very hard to get into a workout routine when in so much pain.
    I have heard people say that running barefoot or in shoes like vibram five fingers work wonders after a couple months of doing it?

    Has anyone tried vibram fivefinger shoes like KSO shoes? I'm very interested.

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      i love running in vibrams (i have the sprints). i never really had problems with high-tech running shoes since i've never been much of a heel striker. if you're going to switch to vibrams, start off by walking and getting used to them. they can be a big change from what you're used to. but, you'll be up on the balls of your feet, and you will shorten your stride, which should help with whatever problems you might be experiencing. there's a pretty good article on minimalist shoes in this month's runners world if you want to learn more.


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        I do sprints on grass around my property (5 ish acres) totally barefoot. When I first did it last year, I had some calf soreness, but now it feels good. I've never gotten shin splints from barefoot running.


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          I haven't tried running yet barefoot....saving up my birthday money for the vibrams, but I workout barefoot all the time at home and I agree with slesca, the calves were the biggest issue because they really don't get much work with bulky shoes on. Shin splints can be avoided by just using your feet to write the alphabet in the air while you sit at your desk or watch TV. If you strengthen those muscles up the shin splints will never return. The other benefit I found to working out barefoot is that your foot has so much more flexibility and those tiny muscles all around your toes and your top of your foot get so much stronger. I would go for it!!
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            Hey everyone! This person has only posted three times, always on this topic, inconsistent whether s/he has or hasn't worn VFFs, whether s/he is in high school or graduated college (remember, this is the one who said s/he wasn't allowed to wear VFFs to high school?)

            S/he included links the first time to what looked like counterfeit Vibrams.

            All adds up to not being worth responding.

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              As I kid I almost never wore shoes, I even played rugby barefoot. Even now I can run freely in bare feet and have no foot problems. Just "buying shoe" problems as all that barefoot action as a kid contributed to be having very wide feet!
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                Barefoot Beach Sprints

                Last weekend I took my new Vibram 5-Finger KSOs to the Oregon coast for a first run. I overdid it ( 3-mile jog and 1-mile of into-the-wind sprints) and got blisters on the ball of my feet - could be because I got them wet in the ocean first. It was low tide and the sand was tightly packed - it felt like I was running on concrete. Nevertheless it was alot of fun!