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    Agriculture as we know it had to evolve over time. Man didn't just grab a rake and hoe one day and start planting rows of wheat and corn. The idea for using grains to create edible food had to start from one small idea, probably out of necessity. After having success in creating something edible to fill his stomach the idea of replicating it had to happen. The fact that a mortar and pestle was found in a cave doesn’t mean they sat around eating toast and jam all day. What it means is man found a new way to survive in less than ideal situations. What was probably a necessary evil to see these tribes or families through tough times should not be a staple of our diet. Look at the chronic health problems that have been observed since the wide spread use of agriculture.

    If you pay attention to this article it has a very anti low carb anti Atkins anti Primal anti paleo diet sentiment in it right from the first sentence. Notice that he tells you how "Humanity’s Stone Age ancestors, long thought to have practiced a prehistoric version of the Atkins diet, may have eaten a balanced diet after all.” I can't help but feel that the author of the article had an agenda to fill and it wasn't to present the facts about an archeological find. He wanted to defend his cake and eat it too


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      There is some evidence that humans have eaten a bit of grain for 100,000 years. Any evidence about that is hard to find. But Paleo is the optimal diet not the only one that we can do OK on. There is no reason to think Grok ate enough grain to make any difference. We are designed to eat the plants that are part of primal, meat and whatever we have to eat to survive when the first two are scarce.
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        Agriculture almost certainly started by accident and gradually over millenia, as people and their dogs disposed of seeds near campsites; when they returned to a campsite in the right season, they'd find lots of fruits & veggies had grown up there, allowing them to stay longer / helping them through a lean time, reducing their nomadic movement a bit. The site becomes a "must visit" because of all the nice composted soil and eventually they start to scatter their seeds on purpose before leaving to the next camping site. Repeat gradually for a few eons or so as the big game gets hunted to extinction, and voila you have agriculture. Agriculture appears always, shortly after the disappearance of the biggest local game animals in that area.
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