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  • Insulin Series at Weightology

    Has anyone checked out James rebuttal on insulin in his 5 part series at weightology blog? it is really good...all makes sense to me and concludes that it is excess food/energy that equates to fatness...

    any opinions?
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    Here's the part that explains to me why I do so much better with high fat rather than high carb eating:

    "This means that lipogenesis will only exceed lipolysis during the hours after a meal (known as the postprandial period). During times when you are fasting (such as extended times between meals, or when you are asleep), lipolysis will exceed lipogenesis (meaning you are burning fat)."

    Eating high carb, I didn't have extended times between meals, because I got so darned hungry I had to snack. Eating primal, I either don't need to or just need the tiniest something to eat. Sometimes I miss lunch altogether because I'm not hungry. I thought the explanation was blood sugar spikes and crashes related to insulin. Maybe it's NOT insulin, but it's sure as heck something!

    Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
    Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food


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      My best guess is what Stephan Guyenet was saying with regards to the whole carb/insulin thing which has more to do with increased de novo lipogenesis in the insulin resistant which raise circulating triglycerides and inhibit leptin's transport across the blood-brain barrier. All overweight people starting a good low carb diet reduce their triglycerides which will provide a metabolic advantage over someone with higher triglycerides. Then again they also cut out grains which cause leptin resistance themselves due to lectins and increased inflammation. All and all at least a sojurn in low carb land is recommended for people wanting to lose some weight. I also think that low carb is safer than high carb in correcting tissue HUFA ratios.

      I would like to see Jimmy touch on the leptin, thyroid issues. By definition if you burn more than you consume you will lose weight, but the mistake is treating burn as a static variable. Indeed simply eating more increases how much one burns due to increased circulating leptin from insulin so we can immediately discard the notion that metabolism is more or less static.

      /Stabby's take.
      Stabbing conventional wisdom in its face.

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        good point stabby!
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          That article is GREAT. Hugs & Kisses & Hugs for posting that !


          Perfectly illustrates why Intermittent Fasting works so well.

          Best to all,


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            For some reason it was taken down (i think?), but Eva at paleohacks had a great response to that article. A copy remains in google cache for those interested:



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              Wish that graph depicted my insulin levels accurately. My levels always spike at night. I went to bed with a glucose level of 95 and woke up with a fasting glucose of 129. Granted, I was up a lot with sick kids, but this is the norm for me. My insulin always spikes at night or when I fast.