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Correlation of sleep and weight loss: new research findings

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  • Correlation of sleep and weight loss: new research findings

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    "Get enough sleep" and "minimize chronic stress" are my new mantras...interesting article, thanks for posting. I need to do some more reading on ghrelin...
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      Interesting. I've been trying to get better sleep and doing alright, except for last night; I totally failed. I laid in bed for around 2 hours before I finally went to sleep. And even then I woke up two times during the night.

      That last function of ghrelin mentioned in the article (increased hepatic glucose production; gluconeogenesis) seems to me to really be key. Gluconeogenesis makes glucose from amino acids. If the body really needs some, it will take protein from your muscle to do this. I wonder if being keto-adapted is an advantage in this regard. I would think that if your body was keto-apadted, it would use ketones when possible (to fuel things that don't absolutely require glucose) and this would lead to a more favorable lean/fat loss ratio. Just my speculation.
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        Are there any fat people suffering from narcolepsy ?