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    Originally posted by sherry44 View Post
    Okay, sounds like a wonderful cure. But when I looked up DE on the internet it said that it isn't effective if you get it wet. Part of your cure is to add grapeseed oil and SPRAY it. So just am curious why would you use ineffective DE on your skin?
    Thanks, Sherry
    It was EXTREMELY effective because the itching was gone in 1 week, and I have been cured for 3 years now. Don't believe everything you read on the internet. If you are suffering from Scabies then you might want to try the grapeseed oil by itself to see if it works. At the time I was suffering so badly that I did not want to waste any time experimenting, so I combined the grapeseed oil & Diatomaceous Earth. Let us know what happens in your experiment.



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      I tried your method of mixing grapeseed oil and DE together and followed the procedure for it. I have been using it for nearly 2 weeks and I still feel the itching and I think I am getting more scabies bites. I don't know if I am paranoid or not but I'm not seeing the results I was hoping to get. In a way I feel as it has helped but overall it doesn't help. To be frank, I was quite excited and had a good feeling this was going to work. Now I just don't know. I had scabies for nearly 7 months now. I just don't know what to do anymore. Scabies is ruining my life


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        Originally posted by lyu510 View Post
        I tried your method of mixing grapeseed oil and DE together and followed the procedure for it. I have been using it for nearly 2 weeks and I still feel the itching and I think I am getting more scabies bites. I don't know if I am paranoid or not but I'm not seeing the results I was hoping to get. In a way I feel as it has helped but overall it doesn't help. To be frank, I was quite excited and had a good feeling this was going to work. Now I just don't know. I had scabies for nearly 7 months now. I just don't know what to do anymore. Scabies is ruining my life
        I would say review all of my notes and keep it up. It has worked for me and others.Apply the grapeseed oil+DE mix at least 2 times daily morning & night. It is equally important to let all clothing you have worn & washed sit on a hanger or in your drawer for at least a week or more before wearing again. I had put freshly washed clothes at the bottom of the stack in drawers or to the rear of the closet to be certain they were not used again for many weeks. Scabies will die if they don't get fresh blood within a week. Sprinkle your bed bed sheets, slippers with DE. Ditto furniture where you sit including car seat. Spray alcohol on your your keyboard & other surfaces that you touch. We also wrapped our mattress & pillows in plastic containers to prevent the scabies from getting into them. When taking a shower, I had used soap & shampoo with sulfur. During the day, when my arms started itching, I would re-apply the grapeseed oil+DE Mix again. This was all-out war on those little buggers. I am now another year free of Scabies.

        You are correct, Scabies have totally shattered many lives. Divorces, lost lovers, losing jobs, losing houses, tossing all furniture out. Losing everything, even suicides. Some have suffered for 5, 10 years with this horror. Doctors send people to shrinks just to get rid of them. I read all of the horror stories and there are plenty of them. People have become extremely desperate. I feel very fortunate to have discovered the solution before I went into such extreme measures. Even worse, Scabies is the untold world wide epidemic.

        One last thing. examine your lesions with a magnifying glass to be certain you don't see tiny colored threads coming out. If you see colored threads, then you don't have Scabies.... you are likely to have Morgellons Disease. More about Morgellons here:
        Morgellons Parasite Disease Support Forum, Page 28, :
        The symptoms of Scabies & Morgellons are very similar.

        Scabies Forum is here:
        Scabies Support Forum, Page 2, :

        Parasite Forum here:
        Parasites Support Forum: Parasites Cleanse & Worms Cleansing Forum, Page 439, Alternative Medicine, Herbal Remedies, Traditional Remedies, Dewormers, Wermifuge, Wormwood, Black Walnut, Cloves, Garlic, Cayenne, Black Pepper, Apple Seeds, Ascaris, Tape

        PS) For those who have septic tanks, I have recently discovered the total cure for backed up septic fields. It is not necessary to dig up your yard to replace all the sand, gravel & pipes, which cost upwards of $5,000. Details with photos here:
        Septic tank and seepage pit help advice. - Community Forums

        Best of luck to you, please keep us informed,


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          10) I showered 4 times per week, normal and nothing special except-
          * Use low sulfur soap [2%], Sulfer8 Brand Shampoo.
          * IMPORTANT! Rub Sulfer8 Brand Medicated Cream over breakout areas after every shower. This is similar to Vaseline in texture . I consider this to be essential to this cure.
          * All Sulfur8 products are low sulfur 2%
          * More sulfur is not better, and can cause Dermatitis.

          What kind of Sulfer8 Brand Medicated Cream do you mean? Because the only one I can find is for the hair and scalp. Is that the correct one? If not can you direct me to where I can get the one for the skin.


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            I used this one:
   Sulfur8 Hair & Scalp Conditioner, Anti-Dandruff, Medicated, 4 oz.: Health & Personal Care



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              Dear Mark,
              Thank you for this post. You are like an oasis amidst a lot of confusing information.
              This scabies thing has been a nightmare since Dec 19, and I am grateful for your clarity and confidence about what to do in a way that's natural. Using your protocol, so far, they have been minimized but not eliminated. So I'm searching for possible areas where we might be re-infesting.
              I have a few questions for you, which might help us get to the END of this nightmare.
              1. IS IT POSSIBLE to get scabies from your dog? Some of the most "official" sites say it's not possible. But that's where we believe we got it. Hiro (our dog) seems to be doing much better since taking a month of Ivermectin. Better. But not completely stopped scratching yet. I am so concerned about us re-infesting him.
              2. We bought pillow protectors that are the anti-bedbug kind, with zippers. Is that what you used? Or were yours 100% not-breathable plastic? Did you spray your pillows with anything in the mornings?
              3. What did you spray your kitchen counters with? Windex / DE? Is that safe?
              4. The sulfer soap seemed to give me a small temporary rash which burned, so I skipped a day, and it went away. Now I only use the "soft" side of the soap bar, not the abrasive side. Is there anything I should be concerned about, with regards to using sulfer products? Can I put "too much" of the sulfer-medicated cream on my body? I only put it on the bite areas, often multiple times a day.
              5. It's WINTER. Which means jackets and layers. Washing them every day is not feasable. What would you spray your jackets with? Listerine? Peroxide?

              Mark, thanks so much... if you can answer any or all of these questions our family would so much appreciate it.


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                I am Grizz, not Mark. Getting Scabies from the dog? No. Dogs have their own version called Mange, which is unique to dogs, and humans have their version unique to them which is Scabies. Some people have been so desperate for a cure that they went to a Vet to use the Mange cure for their own Scabies. Strange how that works. Just like there is pubic lice and hair lice.

                We sprinkled DE into the pillows & bedding every morning with a salt shaker. Be very careful not to breath it. Wear a surgical face mask if necessary to avoid breathing D-E.

                Reinfesting comes from eggs laid under the skin. You must keep the treatments & procedures up for 8 weeks after all itching stops to kill off the hatchlings as they emerge out of your skin.

                Also you must kill off any scabies that might infest your clothing by rotating the clothes you wear. Scabies will die within 1 week if they don't get any blood to feast on, so let your clothing sit on hangers or in drawers for > 1 week before wearing again, even washed clothes. I would take shirts, socks and jeans from the bottom of the pile to wear. I have enough clothing so that it can sit in drawers or in the closet for a month before I wear it again. We regularly buy our clothing from yard sales, resale shops, Goodwill, etc. We almost never buy anything new, only exception being bras & underwear. I can buy 30 pair of jeans for the price of one new pair. I typically pay $1 for a nice tee shirt with pocket. So for me it was easy to rotate clothing.

                Heavy winter coats can be a problem. We live in a relatively mild Tennessee climate and rotated sweaters. If I lived in a really cold climate, I would go to the Goodwill or resale shops to stock up on used winter coats so as to rotate into those, too. I had used spray alcohol mixed with D-E on my bathrobe, slippers, chairs, couch, car upholstery, and I sprayed alcohol on my computer keyboard. Maybe you can wear a sweater under your overcoat and just rotate the sweater. I doubt that they will crawl through your sweater to get to the coat. They are looking for body heat and blood. they will always crawl toward your skin. They are like heat seeking missiles.

                Yes you can use too much sulfur. I used LOW SULFUR soap, shampoo and salve. Too much sulfur causes dermatitus - more is not better. I also showered my normal schedule of 3 x a week. I depended mainly on D-E to kill off the scabies.

                We used the plastic zippered protectors for pillows & the mattress.

                I suggest you go back and review my first 2 or 3 messages at the beginning of this thread.

                Also Feb marks yet another year I am free of Scabies - YAY. I will never understand why the wife didn't catch my Scabies. THAT was a miracle.

                FYI - here is the Scabies section at the Cure Zone:
                Scabies Support Forum, Page 2, :
                The curezone does a MUCH better job of tossing out the Trolls. This board is infested with too many Trolls and the moderators won't do anything about them.

                PS) For those who have septic tanks, I have found the inexpensive cure for the horror of the clogged up Septic Field. Don't waste $30,000 to dig up your yard to replace all the sand, gravel & pipes. Also how to prevent the clogged up field is easy. The answers I found are here:
                Clogged Septic Field Rejuvenated Inexpensively at Septic Tank Problems Cures (MessageID: 2033088)

                Best to you & your family,


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                  What kind of spray bottle did you use for your Windex/DE concoction. Also, do you know anything about the DE product from ST. Gabriel's organics out of VA? Our local Menard's carries it.


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                    Originally posted by katturn View Post

                    What kind of spray bottle did you use for your Windex/DE concoction. Also, do you know anything about the DE product from ST. Gabriel's organics out of VA? Our local Menard's carries it.
                    It must be pure D-E FOOD GRADE. If this is what you have, it should be OK.
                    Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, St. Gabriel Organic Diatomaceous Earth (FOOD GRAD
                    Beware do not use pool grade D-E.

                    Some brands are mixed with clay and not recommended. I used a cheap 24 oz spray bottle from Walmart, with a squeeze trigger. 24 OZ. Economy Spray Bottle

                    Best to you,


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                      Why not evacuate?


                      I've not read this whole thread yet....and I will. Regardless, I can already see that it's an incredible and valuable collection of research.

                      I have a mom and a neighbor friend who have a couple of cases of relentless and nasty itch. Pocket microscope is on its way. (didn't see the link to the cool USB one until too late). I'll be doing some scrapings and then getting online to see images of what I'm looking for.

                      ANYway, since you have no doubt become one with the research, perhaps you can answer MY burning question.

                      Instead of the continuing hassle of hot washing and drying clothes, and Lysol-ing and DE-ing and everything else to treat a home, IF it is scabies, and since it is said that the scabies bugs die if they don't have their blood meal within 72 hours, why not just evacuate the the house for three days once the patient/victim is treated? Do the eggs wait for a month to hatch until a human meal arrives?

                      I also wonder below (and above) what temperatures they (all life stages) perish.

                      TIA and ...

                      Be well,



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                        The life cycle of the Scabies is HORRIBLE. Once impregnated, the female crawls under the skin and makes long tunnels under the skin. These tunnel;s are visible as light colored s shaped markings visible under a high intensity light. The female lays 3 to 5 eggs a day as she tunnels under your skin. After a few months she dies in her tunnel leaving thousands of eggs to hatch.

                        For the next 3 months the eggs hatch and the babies dig to the surface and find a place to dig a molting hole. It crawls into the molting hole and sucks blood until it matures. The male matures and starts crawling around looking for a female in her molting hole to impregnate. Then the process starts all over again.

                        So it does no good to leave your house because you will be carrying thousands of eggs under your skin, that are hatching every day. You will simply carry the monsters with you wherever you go. It is essential to kill them under and on your skin, then continue killing the babies as they emerge for 3 months.

                        As you can see, Scabies is the affliction from HELL !



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                          Hello Grizz! I have been a fan of yours for a few months and I am finally getting around to sending a thank you note! My story briefly, is that I got what we were told was scabies from my sister when I visited her in TN last summer. Both she and I were not responsive to standard scabie treatments from the doctor. Thus I began searching on the web for answers. I found your post early on in the Topix forums; however, I did not know where to get the food grade DE and assumed that borax would do nearly the same thing. I did immediately put borax in the pie pans around my bed posts and I think that did help. And borax did appear to do the trick for my sister. But for me, months later, I was still seeing a scratch here and there. Yes, a scratch, not a bite and NOT self-inflicted, as a dermatologist insisted. And strangely, I have NO itching, and have had very little itching during this whole experience! So my suffering is minimal but when I see those scratches or bites, I know there are still some mites around.

                          So back to you - I searched and I found your post on this forum in January, 2013, and quickly ordered some DE online. I started putting it in the sheets and then mixed the DE and the oil and applied it every night and morning. I'm doing very well but still not 100%. I pray to get there soon! I think my mites are more hardy than the scabie mite. A few tips to add to your WONDERFUL research and information:
                          1. Computer laptop at home and at work was definitely an issue. I now put them in a zippered case with mothballs every night and then I put a piece of plastic wrap over the keyboard/track pad when in use.
                          2. My long hair was an issue even though I was shampooing with a sulfur shampoo and borax several times a week. I started putting the DE powder in my hair at night and then washing it out in the morning. I felt like this made a big difference immediately. Just started this last Friday so hopeful that this was a missing piece for me - I would only get bites or scratches on my arms or back, never on my legs or anything below the waist.
                          3. Anything with padding is VERY difficult to clean as it provides pockets of air for the mites - examples are comforters, bras, quilted jackets, foam toppers for mattresses, throw pillows. I either got rid of or cleaned these items and put them in storage.

                          So, I hope this may help others out there. And thank you Grizz for the time you have taken to respond to so many people in need. I never could understand why others gave you a hard time on that other forum. I pray God's blessing on you!



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                            Thank you for the update, and best to you!

                            HOT NEWS A new book has just been published that I suggest EVERY family order. I cannot overemphasize how important this book is, especially for women who require FAR MORE iodine than men do.

                            The Iodine Crisis: What You Don't Know About Iodine Can Wreck Your Life [Paperback]
                            Available at Amazon.Com

                            Author Lynne Farrow, director of BreastCancerChoices explains how iodine prevents & cures female problems with the breast, ovaries, uterus, and prevents & cures prostate problems, thyroid problems, cure brain fog and helps most cases of depression. The book is FUN to read and has research from expert doctors, history of iodine and many testimonials. Lynne explains how her own serious problems were all cured with iodine (with required co-supplements)

                            More here:

                            Iodine Testimoials:

                            Iodine Group at the Curezone



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                              Dear Grizz,
                              My husband and I are dealing with scabies...about a month now. Not knowing what to do, we scoured the internet...and did the Perm. cream, Iver, peroxide & borax, diluted bleach(!) which hasn't worked, and has trashed our skin...and though we are still feeling critters, we're also optimistic about your regime, (because we have pretty healthy immune systems and are catching this early). I'm amazed at the negativity on the other forum, that I actually dismissed your posts two weeks ago, because it was so confusing...and got further in to other threads, until I found you here! (I promise to post something when this is working for us...which I believe will) My question: 25% DE and 75% grapeseed our spray bottle, does turn grey...and is thick...and clogs the spay bottle, so that we are using an old dish soap bottle instead.(We are using the food grade St. Gabriel Organics DE mentioned earlier in this thread) The windex mix is not spraying exactly did you measure & mix this? I'm feeling very dry and cracked on my skin...and wonder if we are making this too thick? Thanks so much for your tenacity in getting this word out!


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                                Does your D-E include Bentonite ? Bentonite is a Clay that turns the D-E into a lightly brown color. That might explain what is happening. Some brands of D-E include Bentonite. The D-E that we should use is the pure food grade Diatomaciious Earth, that is whitish-gray in color. Look at the ingredients to be sure there is no bentonite. The clay won't hurt anything and it should still work. It is indeed too thick to spray out of the bottle, it squirts out with the opening set to large.

                                The mix is not precise. I had simply eye-balled the amount to be roughly 1/4 D-E and 3/4 Grapeseed Oil. I don't think the ratio is critical at all. You might try 1/8th D-E and 7/8ths Grapeseed Oil. The grapeseed oil is wonderful for your skin. I discovered that the grapeseed oil totally cleared up all of my foot problems, and the wife loves to add grapeseed oil to herself after a shower. It is quickly absorbed into your skin to make it silky smooth. My theory is that this is why it helps to kill off the Scabie. It clogs their breathing tube and suffocates them while under the skin or in their molting holes. Then they die when they are crawling around on the skin and come into contact with D-E.

                                This is where I ordered my D-E from:
                                Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Human Side Effects-Health Use

                                D-E Information
                                Diatomaceous Earth Human Use, Natural Health Benefits, and Information for Humans

                                About the Scabie - How it works
                                Discovery Health "How Scabies Works"

                                Scabie Photos

                                Notice how clearly the telltale "Tunnels" can be seen in some of the photos. The tunnels are the female laying eggs and the red spots are the scabie hiding in its molting hole and irritating the skin. This is an affliction from HELL, and many people suffer with this for YEARS! Especially since they have become resistant to the common drugs being used against them. Some people lose EVERYTHING - jobs, spouse, homes, furniture, they get desperate and throw out all of their furniture. It is vital to keep the treatments going for 3 months AFTER the itching stops or else get re-infected by scabie hatching from under the skin.

                                The Trolls are on every message board to insult & Intimidate people. Old timers on the message boards just ignore these miserable creeps, and get their message out in spite of the Trolls. This board is among the worst I have seen for Trolls. This is why I prefer to do all of my messages at the CureZone. Trolls are actually thrown out of the Curezone fairly quickly. Administrators will not tolerate the trolls over at the Curezone.

                                Last edited by Grizz; 03-20-2013, 01:12 AM.