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Babies weaned on junk food - study out of Australia

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  • Babies weaned on junk food - study out of Australia

    I weep for our future

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    awwwwwwww....... My heart beaks for those poor munchkins. They're never even given a CHANCE to know healthy. :'(
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      gotta love the old fashioned aussie diet .. 4n20 pies VB and a choctop ... . start em young why not!


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        I don't think it's as bad over here, but babies are given their fair share of grains, and I don't mean just in the form of baby rice, baby porridge and rusks; just taking a quick butcher's at the baby foods on Sainsbury's website, we have: -

        Banana & Cookie Crumble
        Fruity Muesli
        Many things with potato (Lancashire Hot Pot, Shepherd's and Cottage Pie, Fish Pie, Sunday Dinner, etc)
        All breakfast is grain-based
        Actually, 99% of what I've just looked at contains grains (pasta, rice, corn, etc)
        Then there's all the 'healthy' foods you can give them to practise chewing on between meals (rusks, biscotti, organic wholewheat gingerbread men, baby cookies, etc)

        Why am I doing this...? I'm bored (and seeing if looking at food makes me want to eat - I'm still fasting! So far, it's not done so...)
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          that genuinely makes me angry. how stupid do you have to be to think it's fine to feed a small baby all that crap? as routine meals? for god's sake
          yeah you are

          Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


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            Well at least we're still horrified by it.

            There were two women arrested for child neglect in Queensland last year because of what they were feeding their children. They didn't want to waste money on formula (couldn't be bothered with breast feeding) and were getting their leftover takeaways, burgers, fish and chips, pizza etc. Blending them up an adding water to dilute it then giving it to them in bottles.

            Child services visited them and found they were 2 years old but severely stunted in growth and couldn't walk.

            Seriously, you should need a licence to have kids.