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Intermittent fasting and circadian rythms

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  • Intermittent fasting and circadian rythms

    Found this study after reading 180 degree health blog and looks interesting.

    Effect of intermittent fasting on circadian rhythms in mice depends on feeding time.

    Calorie restriction (CR) resets circadian rhythms and extends life span. Intermittent fasting (IF) also extends life span, but its affect on circadian rhythms has not been studied. To study the effect of IF alongside CR, we imposed IF in FVB/N mice or IF combined with CR using the transgenic FVB/N alphaMUPA mice that, when fed ad libitum, exhibit spontaneously reduced eating and extended life span. Our results show that when food was introduced during the light period, body temperature peak was not disrupted. In contrast, IF caused almost arrhythmicity in clock gene expression in the liver and advanced mPer2 and mClock expression. However, IF restored the amplitudes of clock gene expression under disruptive light condition regardless whether the animals were calorically restricted or not. Unlike daytime feeding, nighttime feeding yielded rhythms similar to those generated during ad libitum feeding. Taken together, our results show that IF can affect circadian rhythms differently depending on the timing of food availability, and suggest that this regimen induces a metabolic state that affects the suprachiasmatic nuclei (SCN) clock.

    I can't get the full text but it seems that it is advantageous to eat early rather than IF until afternoon/evening otherwise it can disrupt circadian rhythm. So maybe an early breakfast, lunch and dinner and then IF again until breakfast again?

    P.S Hopefully molecular grokologist comes back to the forum soon!!!
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    What I got out of that was don't feed your mice at night. I usually have and eight our or less feeding window anyway and I've found that lunch (preferable a late one if possible) and dinner work well for me. At one point I was having dinner and then a later meal and that didn't work long term.