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    I belong to quite a number of groups on this site but have noticed that people do not use them very much. Most conversations seem to go on in the Forum here. Perhaps it is because all forum postings (regardless of grouping) show up in a central location for people to peruse. I would really like to get the Hypothyroid discussion going. I know a lot of you must have hypothyroid issues. I posted in the Hypothyroid group so if you are interested please join in.

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    Classic, can you please post a link to where you wrote? I can't find any place that's called "the hypothyroid group." Thanks.


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      It's here:

      You're right ... I know that I don't go there a lot. I might have to check it out today and see if there's some notifications I can set up so that if someone posts it notifies me...

      I guess I'll cruise over there right now!
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