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Saturated Fat in the context of a low carb diet

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  • Saturated Fat in the context of a low carb diet

    "These findings are consistent with the concept that dietary saturated fat is efficiently metabolized in the presence of low carbohydrate, and that a CRD[carbohydrate restricted diet] results in better preservation of plasma ARA."
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    Looks like an interesting article. Thanks for posting. The only thing that frustrates me about these sort of studies (and please note that I'm not a scientist) is that they never seem to use enough subjects (here they used only 8 men) and they don't do it long enough (here the study lasted 6 weeks). I guess its a funding problem. They ask the right questions but their conclusions are weakened by small sample size. I'm sure nutrition sciences is not first in line for grant money unfortunately and you have to pay the subjects and the researchers. I guess another confounding factor is that the longer the study is the less accurate self reporting is likely to be.