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  • MS and Sunshine

    I saw this story years ago on an Australian show called Catalyst. It's a light science show.

    Anyway reading the PB and Mar's comments about sunshine reminded me of this story. This Doctor got MS and decided that he had to start treating himself and his patients not using CW.

    He gets sunshine every day and has a low-fat diet however I recall the show and there seemed to be lots of meat and veg.

    I've also read that Tasmania has one of the highest rates of MS in the world. Thinking about this it's probably because Australian's are paranoid about sunshine due to the successful SLIP, SLOP, SLAP campaign that ran here for years. So you get all these Tasmanians who live in quite a cold place not willing to get any sun at all.

    You would think Norwegians, Scandinavians would have a similar problem but they eat lots of Mackerel which is really high in Omega 3.

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    Actually the Norwegians and Danes have high rates of MS - but only in certain areas of the country. Generally in the inland areas where people eat more dairy and less fish, the MS rates are much higher. When averaged out with the rates of the coastal fish eaters, the overall rate doesn't look so bad. The other hotspot of high MS is ALberta Canada. There hve been some correlation studies between dairy intake and MS rates but studies show stopping dairy intake does not significantly improve MS patients. Similiar studies show a correlation between low Vit D intake and MS but increasing Vit D once you have MS doesn't seem to help much. Perhaps dairy and Vit D intakes in early life trigger gene expression that lead to MS later and once you have it it is too late.
    Personally I think part of the problem today is the use of sunglasses when outside- your eye lets in sunlight which affects the pineal gland which triggers a response in the skin to how and what type of melanin(sp) is produced. This would affect conversion of sunlight to Vit D. Wearing sunglasses is a relatively new phenomena, It correlates timewise to the rise in skin cancer and the rise in MS rate. Sunscreen use followed a little later in the cycle. Sorry just my wild ass theory.
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      Well, fwiw---back when dinosaurs walked the earth, back in the late 70's, my ex and I used to go fishing with a fairly well-known epidemiologist (whose name I sadly cannot recall). He wore nether sunscreen, nor sunglasses---he noted at the time that he would rather deal with potential skin cancer than the threat of MS. I had no idea what he was talking about at the time, but now that you mention it.......